~ The Targeting of My Homes ~

The most obvious targeting events have involved the taking or destruction of my homes. I may not be able to prove most of the details, especially if things are covered up and witnesses are targeted into silence one way or the other. And unfortunately it looks like this has already been happening to some degree. But my statements below are true. And I pray that this is realized by those who can do more to stop the covert targeting from continuing and growing. If You Read With Your Heart You Will Know

The Targeting, the DOT and Me

    The most controversial part of the targeting, which I have experienced, involves one or two government officials. But I do not stand with the forces that blame the USA government, because I feel that this is a grave mistake. There is good and bad everywhere in this mess.
    I feel that the core of the targeting is being performed by those who have been infiltrating America, as well as other countries, for decades now. I feel that this infiltration/perpetration has operatives within our government as well as other governments and organizations and is even recruiting citizens into a deceitful covert program which is used to help target both citizens and government officials. The things they are doing need to be exposed and stopped no matter who is doing it. The targeting - the intrusive inflictions of economic hardship, psychological pain and even physical technological torture...desperately need to be stopped. And this can only happen through exposing it - through witnesses and victims openly standing up against it.

    There appeared to be repeated attempts for perpetrators to move in and take over my home, on the Soucook river in Loudon, NH, after my husband and I divorced. Two people offered to buy it and let me continue living there. Two had tried to actually move in with me. All of it was done under the guise of help and by those whom I am now realizing were part of a perpetration infiltration into my life in the early 1990s. I had refused all of their offers. And then the state of New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) moved in to take my home under their rights of eminent domain.
    Some of this forced purchase of my home appears to have been part of the targeting, but as I realize how manipulative the higher level perpetrators are, it is possible that some of the phone calls I received from the DOT were not really from the DOT. I need time to sort things out and do not know if that can ever fully happen while I am being so heavily targeted, especially since my journals were destroyed in a fire that raged through the next home I purchased, about five years later. But I clearly remember the core of it, just not some of the details, like times and dates and some of the names...etc.
    During the takeover of my home I unwittingly rented a room to a woman who now appears to have been a perpetration puppet and I believe that I may have been being drugged through this period of time, because I had reacted to some of the DOT tactics in ways that were completely out of character for me. Among other things, I had changed my name during this time. At one point I actually sent the DOT a letter and wrote "F---- You" across the page. I feel ashamed of this, especially since this was not a word I even used in my vocabulary, at that time. It even shocked me that I had reacted this way, no matter how horrible it felt to be forced to uproot my children and leave our home. But it reflects the hell I was going through at that time.
    The process of the DOT taking my home was being dragged out. . .leaving me in an uncomfortable position, financially, because their plans to put a road through my property were preventing me from selling a commercial part of it, which I had needed to do since a recent divorce from my husband and being left fully responsible for my two children, the mortgage...etc.
    At one point I had called a news paper reporter with the hope that some exposure would help swing things into a more positive direction. But the reporter stopped by the DOT office before coming to my house and the DOT called me while he was in route to me, and informed me that everything was looking better and set the date for the closing. I didn't realize that this was a manipulation at the time. I had believed that things were genuinely swinging onto a better course and that there was no point in pointing out the negative to the reporter. When the reporter got to my house, I told him that the DOT had just called and that everything had changed. "I'll bet they did," he said. The phone call from the DOT and my naivete set the course for a news paper article in the Manchester Union Leader, which made it all appear like it was a good thing. But it wasn't and things got worse. . .and it seemed like there was nothing I could do to stop any of it. Local lawyers even refused to help me.
    I remember getting a call from a DOT official after the news paper article came out. He told me that it would be best if I did not talk to anymore reporters. And then he said that he was friends with the president of the bank who held my mortgage and was having dinner with him. After this he said something like, "Do you know what I mean?" But I didn't know what he meant, at the time. I thought it meant that he was going to put in a good word for me. I followed through with my plan to visit the president of my bank, explained the situation to him and asked if I could make lower payments - just the principle part of the mortgage, until the state followed through with the purchase and it could all be paid off. Within a couple days a really mean sounding thug called and said that my home would be immediately foreclosed on if I were to be late on a payment. This was shocking, because I had NEVER been late on a payment and had perfect credit. I had gone to talk to them, with the hope of preventing such problems.
    Then the set closure date was delayed after Id shut down my in home child day care business in preparation for the move. This left me with almost no income. An official at the DOT suggested that I go on welfare. I was mortified. I didnt want to go on welfare. And I didnt want them to take my home. I wanted to keep my home and keep working but they had me up against a wall.
    Around this time friends father had stepped in to help me. I think he had called the DOT. And he come to the closing, which is probably what made things go better than they had been. (That friend's family appears to have been targeted as well.)
    I was able to hold out until the closing, which took over a year. But it wasn't over. After I purchased another home and had settled into it, the DOT had called to question me about stealing my rose bushes from the Loudon property. I should have taken them, because they were mine, but I didnt. This was one of the small strange things about the forced purchase of my home - I had built beautiful gardens on my property and had plants that were important to me, but they would not allow me to take any of my own plants to the new home I was purchasing. Someone else ended up with them. With any other type of sale I could have listed them in the contract as not being part of the sale.
    (I later aimed to re-purchase that home, after someone told me it was up for auction. But I was told that it had already sold shortly before the auction was due to took place. Then I was overwhelmed with another heavy round of targeting, which included a fire which raged through my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home.)

    With all that said, I want to also state that some of the DOT officials were genuinely kind and helpful. But, at one point, they appeared to have been replaced with two who weren't. Yes, some of it could have been fabricated phone calls, because this is known to happen in the targeting. But the fact that the closure on my home was delayed after Id closed my business in preparation for the move, and after what appeared to be a covert threat to shove me into foreclosure. . .it looks like the perpetration, which targets me, included one (possibly two) DOT officials. (The aim to sabotage our homes and work and force us onto welfare or disability is a strong pattern in the targeting of Targeted Individuals.)

    My name was Sharon Buck at this time - but I had changed it to Namatari Neachi near the end of this taking of my home. And this is the best I can do with this report while being targeted and not having sufficient peaceful time to recollect and deal with the emotions it raises in me. This was when the rug began being yanked out from under my feet.
    I pray that my statement helps to prevent things like this from happening to other people, because my daughters and I were devastated by this forceful taking of not only our home, but also my dream of selling part my property and turning the rest of it into a retreat center for artists, writers and people who need a spiritual retreat. It was a beautiful private waterfront property - perfect for a peaceful retreat type of place. But it is all gone now. . .not just the property, but also the dream. And it still hurts.


The Fire in My Andover (Potter Place), New Hampshire Home
(Updated on 5/16/2015)

     I am in the process of remembering more of the details, which surrounded the suspicious fire, which destroyed my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home in 2001. Like other heavy parts of the targeting, it was surrounded by extenuating circumstances and odd chains of events, which can get difficult to explain in a short article. So I will try to stick to the details, which seem most important.

    By early 2001 Id decided to sell my home and build a cabin on a 5 acre property, which I was aiming to purchase from a friend in Nova Scotia. . .as well as purchasing another property in America - my home country.
    My initial aim to sell my home was due to a chain of events, which included unusual things happening, like doors slamming in the middle of the night and phone calls with only heavy breathing, or silence on the line...etc. On one particular night, my kitchen door slammed so hard that it vibrated the house. I went down stairs to find it left open. I closed it, went back upstairs and then it was slammed again. I went back down and found it left open again. At this point I got scared and called the police. No one was there when they arrived and searched my house. And the latch was secure. Someone was obviously accessing my home and trying to scare me when I was there alone.
    At the time, I thought it was probably being done by a perpetrator from the New Jersey area, whom Id just pulled my youngest daughter away from, and had hired a private investigator to help with the process. I thought that perhaps he was seeking revenge, because hed already tried to cause trouble for me with my local police department, accusing me of harassing him with phone calls...etc., although it was the other way around.
    In order to avoid the situation my daughter went to stay with a friend at the university in Durham, NH. The peace and safety that we had felt in our country home had been shattered. When I put the house up for sale I told my daughters that I was selling because I couldnt afford it anymore, so that my youngest daughter would not blame herself. Im glad I didnt continue on the line of feeling angry with her for giving our address to the web perpetrator/predator...etc., because it turns out that this man was only a small part of the targeting process and the other obvious parts of it could have been being done by anyone who is part of the group, which has been targeting us. But, at the time, I did not know that we had already been being covertly targeted and what that entailed.

    I had swapped vehicles with an acquaintance who had a pick up truck, as I aimed to move my belongings from the house to a storage bin, after signing a contract with a buyer. (Id set the closing date two weeks before I was due to move out of the house.) On the morning of the closing I woke early to prepare and found that the truck would not start when Id aimed to do a quick run to the store. I called AAA and a mechanic came, listened to it, crawled under it and said that something had been disconnected. He reconnected it and it started right up. He said that it must have been disconnected by bumps on the road, but I felt that it had been intentionally disconnected by someone.
    If I had not tried to start the truck, long before the time when I had to head for the bank, Id probably not have made it to the closing. Perhaps this was the aim. But I did get there and ownership of the property was transferred. I had two weeks to get my belongings packed and vacate the property. I rushed to do most of the work in the first week so that my last few days in the house could be a relaxed and peaceful farewell to this property, which I had put a lot of heart and soul into remodeling and turning into a comfortable four bedroom home.
    It was hard to sell and leave, especially since I got the call, which informed me that the friend, whom I was purchasing land from in Nova Scotia, suddenly died of a heart attack. I was also informed that my old Loudon, NH home had sold before a set auction date, which Id hoped to attend. My plans had dropped like flies being shot with raid. I still aimed to sell, due to feeling unsafe there, although I had no idea of where I was going to go. And I never got the peaceful time Id deeply needed, in order to figure this out.
    Around the evening of May 7, 2001 I was on the phone with a man, whom I now feel was involved in the targeting from the start. I told him I had to get off the phone and go shopping. (Wed been in a rocky, off and on, relationship through my 5 year stay in that home.) I was selling my house and leaving the area and he was not very happy about it.
    On my drive back from Concord, NH, where Id gone shopping, I suddenly smelt smoke in my car and even started having an odd physical reaction, as if I were breathing in smoke. This got so intense that I stopped the car on the side of the road, looked around it, saw nothing and continued driving home feeling baffled. This was a very odd experience - unlike anything I have ever experienced. I later assumed that it must have been some sort of odd intuition, but my natural intuition does not work that way. I now think it was probably technologically generated, by those who target me and knew that my house was on fire as I drove home.
    When I arrived home, and walked into my kitchen, I smelled a faint smokey odor. I checked the basement, assuming that maybe the furnace was backfiring. It was not that, but the odor was unusual and strong enough to concern me. I thought maybe something was smoldering in a wall - maybe something electrical. I called the fire department to come check it out. Then I got concerned and ran up the stairs to grab some of my personal things, just in case it got worse.
     When I got to the middle of the stairs I suddenly hit a wall of smoke and heat. I ran outside to look up at the windows and saw flames through a second story window on the end of the house where my bedroom was. I frantically called the fire department again and started throwing boxes, which Id packed and stacked downstairs, out into the yard. A police officer came and stopped me from accessing the house. He said it was too dangerous. I remember him being very kind and had diverted my attention through offering to help me pick up photographs, that had spilt over my yard as I threw things outside. Luckily I was able to save a box filled with albums of my daughters childhood pictures.

    The fire took an unusually long time to be put out. I can not explain how horrible it felt to stand there and watch it burn. I remember thoughts racing through my mind and wondering if it was my fault - if I had left a candle burning...etc. But there were a few odd things that surrounded the fire...

1. I heard that there were two other fires on the same night. And I am not sure if the first responding fire department, which took charge at my house, was the local one.
    As things seemed to drag on with what appeared to be no attempt to put out the fire, a local fireman, who was off duty, tried to find out what was happening. I remember him apologizing to me and frustratedly saying, Im not in charge here. Apparently they sent him away.
    It was hours before a pool of water was set up in the yard to extinguish the flames. The odd thing about this was that I had a large brook in my back yard, which the local fire department had used for a practice drill, to help me fill my swimming pool with water, just a few years before this. The water was already there and this was well known by the the local fire department.

2. After the fire was finally out, and the fire trucks were pulling out, a police officer came to me and asked if I wanted him to call the fire marshal and have an investigation started. As I thought about it he said, I would if I were you. And I agreed.

3. The fire marshal, and a few other people investigated for a few days. The marshal told me that the burn pattern was suspicious - that due to his findings, and a police report, it looked like the fire was put out in one room and then restarted in another room.
    The fire marshal was trying to figure out how the fire jumped from one room to the other without the normal burn pattern. I remember him leaving little silver cans in the rooms, which he said were to detect chemicals, which may have been used to start and/or restart the fire. I remember him questioning if the fire may have traveled from one room to the next through the duct work, until I informed him that it had not been in use and had been covered with hardwood flooring, which I'd recently installed.
    Hed repeatedly asked me what was in the room, where the fire appeared to have been restarted, but my mind kept going completely blank; for some odd reason, I could not remember what was in that room, while they were there and questioning me. I had told the fire department, shortly after their arrival, that there was money and other important things in that room and had begged them to do all they could to save it from the fire. It is very strange that I completely forgot this as investigators questioned me.
    The fire marshal seemed like a good man who had worked hard to figure things out, but it remained a mystery. In the end of his last day there he came to sit on the edge of my deck with me, and expressed frustration over having to list the fire as an unknown cause. I wasn't of much help due to my mind going blank. And, at the time, I didnt realize that I was being targeted, beyond the man who had perpetrated my daughter through the web, and that those who target me could have had more than one reason for wanting to destroy what was in that room.
    I later remembered what was in the room, because it was the room, which contained my most cherished personal belongings, and I soon started missing them. It contained my journals, where I had logged nearly three decades of experiences and dreams; notebooks filled with over three decades of my poetry; the final manuscript to a book, which Id just written on the subject of "Embracing Feelings" and avoiding psychiatric pharmaceuticals; thousands of dollars in cash; my address book - all of my personal contacts; my clothes...etc. (Please read this article; www.targetedinamerica.com/psychiatry.html)

4. The fact that I could not remember things and felt so completely numb could be blamed on shock. That is what Id blamed it on. But now that I realize how I am being targeted, and that those who target me/us use drugs and laser beams to effect brain function. . .I think I was probably also being effected by at least one of these things through this time.

5. Shortly after this fire, another fire broke out in the storage bins where I had stored what was left of my belongings. I do not think this was a coincidence. Luckily my bin was not effected. But it appeared that it was intended to be, because the man whom I had been leaving, had zoomed back in during and after the fire, and was with me when my daughter called to tell me about the fire at the storage bins. He had expressed that hed thought my bin was in the row where the fire was. This seemed a bit suspicious, because of the expression on his face when he said it. . .as if he had done something wrong - given the wrong information to someone.

6. I heard that rumors were being spreading around town, that my house had been torched for insurance money. Due to the real estate closing taking place before I moved, and my canceling my insurance policy, literally days before the fire, I was not insured. Technically, I did not even own the house at the time of the fire. Even if my personal belongings had been insured, my greatest losses were things that were literally irreplaceable and would have had no value to an insurance company. (This same rumor was spread after another suspicious fire at my fathers place in 1980. He was not insured either. These sorts of false rumor campaigns are typical of covert targeting.)

7. After the fire I felt overwhelmed and needed time to sort things out. That time never fully came due to continued targeting, which included the sudden suspicious death of my little brother in 2002, after he had started figuring out that something was wrong. Within a few years before and after the fire my daughters and I were surrounded by multiple deaths and obvious rounds of technological targeting.

    The targeting has often vamped up when I start trying to remember and write down what has happened. I was being shot in the head and back of the neck, with some sort of laser weapon, and remained in physical pain as I wrote the first draft of this article. Both my computer and I were blasted with microwaves as I began realizing the patterns I list in this article.

    I felt thankful for the briefcase, which firemen had retrieved, through climbing onto a balcony and pulling a rug through a set of sliding glass doors on the opposite end of the house from where the fire was. (This brief case contained a few of my childhood writings and a copy of my first book - "A Lifetime of Feelings," which I wrote in the 1980s.) I later sent a thank you letter to the local fire department for saving the briefcase. But I now remember someone pushing me to send this letter while making me feel guilty for not acknowledging the positive parts. Was this a cover up? This seems to be the same sort of thing that happened around the taking of my Loudon home, where things were set up for me to be the one to make it all look like a good thing, although it wasnt.
    Another pattern existed around this fire and the Alstead flood disaster. This was the process of my blaming myself in ways that were totally unrealistic. Though I never remembered actually leaving a candle burning, or any of the other self blaming ideas, (some of which could not have even happened) I kept thinking that I must have been responsible for the fire, through at least a couple years. I had even gone through a period of feeling worried that the investigators would blame me, although they obviously hadnt and realistically couldnt have. I now feel that I was being heavily brainwashed through this time. I have wondered if I had been drugged, but my condition seems more like technological brainwashing due to the fact that there are only specific things, which I did not remember, while all else remained clear. And the things I forgot were what could expose a criminal motive.
    I went through a similar thing after a suspicious flood wiped out the Alstead, NH neighborhood, which Id moved to in 2005. Four of my neighbors were killed in that flood, which was caused by a plugged culvert and a stalled storm. And it appeared that I'd been brainwashed into blaming myself for their deaths. . .for reasons that were not even true or realistic. I believe that part of this brainwashing was technologically done, but parts of it were probably also due to things that perpetration puppets were saying to me around this time.

    My legal name was Namatari Neachi (my pen name) during the time of the Andover/Potter Place, NH fire and the Alstead flood.


The Adirondack Shack

Coming soon - My experiences with being targeted into selling a wilderness cabin, I'd owned in Upstate New York, from December 2001 to May of 2003.


The Alstead Flood

Coming soon - how a neighborhood, which I had just moved to, was wiped out in a flash flood, which was caused by a stalled storm and a pluggged culvert in 2005.


The Resurreting Phoenix and 1989 Oldsmobile

Coming soon - the sabotaging of the vehicles I have been forced to live in as my homes, work and health continued being sabotaged since 2005.

P.S. I was also heavily targeted in a rental near Nashville, TN in 2004; in a New York rental in 2006; in a rental in Wears Beach, NH in 2007/2008 winter...etc. Since shoving me into homeless perpetration has often zoomed in to rent me a space in there homes...etc. I have learned that vehicles are the safest place for me to live until the targeting is exposed and stopped. . .if that day ever comes for me. No place is really safe, due to my standing so alone. Right now I am a prisoner in a vehicle, which can be accessed when I leave it go into a public bathroom or store . . .and is under the threat of being stolen (especially since I was forced to put what is left of my journals.writings in it) if I do not stand guard 24/7. This is indescribably difficult.

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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