Targeted in America
by Sharon R. Poet (Sharon Rose Poet)
(Updated Dec 1, 2014)

    This is an unusual thing - I decided to publicly share this book, as I am writing it, due to my computer being infiltrated and my feeling unsure if it will be allowed to be completed or shared, because the targeting is vamping into uncomfortable levels and the manipulations surrounding me are many. I already published this book, but am adding to it on these pages and the second edition is about to be published.
    Within this book I will be sharing a bit of the depths that I've not yet shared. My aim is to share primarily my own personal experiences and avoid the sharing of names and places. This is not a report. So, I ask those who target me to please respect this and not interfere with it in any way or form.
     Below will be listed the chapters as I work on them. Please understand that it is a work in progress and I am being heavily targeted so its not going to be perfect.

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My Personal Testimony

Mind Control Experiences


Through the Years

Why am I Targeted?

Cry for International Government Help

Second edition of this book

More may be added soon. . .

I am open to honest, constructive, possitive, NON perpetration feedback or suggestions, especially from genuine Targeted Individuals, because my microwaved brain is sure to forget important things and I may need to be reminded of how important it is to include them. I also realize that details are important to those who focus on semantics and trying to discredit us, instead of addressing the REAL issues for ALL our sakes, so please let me know if I have worded something in a way that may be misperceived. Please mention the page and paragraph with BRIEF suggestions. Thank you.(sharonpoet (at)

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