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    No matter what spritual path, if any, we may choose to follow. . .the most important thing is how open our Hearts are and what effect we have on our fellow human beings. As negative forces push humanity toward suppressing natural feelings with harmful psychiatric pharmaceuticals (like antidepressants), messages which discourage the natural process of grieving and radio wave brainwashings, which aim to turn us into mechanical zombies. . .our Hearts have been closing instead of opening. This is a tragedy that is desperate need of realization and resolution.
    The most dangerous outcome of the microwave targeting of humanity is the blocking and/or prevention of our natural process of personal growth. It is imperative that we not only expose and stop these crimes, but also aim to preserve our HEARTS so that we can grow into all that we were meant to be.

    In 2004 I launched a mission that aimed to help heal the Heart of humanity. Part of this mission was the public sharing of my own healing process after experiencing unusual chains of difficulties. This took place in seven issues of the Personal Journals, and was targeted so heavily that it was forced to change names and addresses and never had the chance to grow into all that it was meant to be. But what is left of the core of my writings still yearns to reach the Heart of humanity.
    I feel like a bit of a hipocrit as I now share this part of my work, because my heart feels beaten up. I’m not in very good shape. I am literally being slowly destroyed and am in desperate need of protection from the technological, chemical and psychological targeting. But when I wrote what I share here my heart was a bit more whole.
    The following articles grew from the Personal Journals and continued to strive to reach humanity through two printings of Sharon’s Bud and four printings of the Heart Bud. I hope you let them touch your Heart.

Come. . .walk with me. . .into my heart and yours -
Into the places we usually avoid, as we rush through our
Lives in a world that's crying, LOUDER than ever, for us
To slow down, be still, embrace our own Hearts
With one hand, and hold the other out
To our fellow human beings.

Healing the World Begins and Finishes
With the Healing of Our Own Hearts

Heart of Love

The more open our Hearts are -
the closer we are to Love/Light/God.
Its an automatic connection.
Love is ALWAYS here for us.
All we need do is open our
Hearts enough to feel it,
And then keep on opening
Them until we live it.

Lets let LOVE win

The Silent Epidemic

    Though most of us have heard that “it's OK to cry,” we don't seem to fully realize how incredibly important it is to allow a healthy grieving process after painful situations. We usually close our Hearts, in order to avoid feeling emotional pain. Yet, this closing of our Hearts, no matter how much or how little, is causing even more pain, because crying is what washes away the pain and allows us to feel deeper levels of love and compassion for ourselves and others.
    What I call, the "Silent Epidemic" grows and spreads each time we suppress our sadness. The Silent Epidemic is an emotional illness. I know this may sound a bit strange to some of you. But if you read the rest of this, and listen to the Wisdom in your own Heart, I’m sure you'll feel some of the Truth in what I m saying.
    Some say that sadness is "negative" or "depressing". Some go so far as to say that it's "un-spiritual" or "dark" to feel, release or express sadness! Some even think that “all we need to do is use our minds to choose joy instead," no matter how we are REALLY feeling! But my experiences show me that this avoidance of our Hearts - this suppression of our sadness, is THE very thing that actually CREATES the "negative" stuff in our world.
    I feel certain that humanity's health and well-being depends on each of us allowing the natural cleansing process of healthy grieving, because releasing our emotional pain is what opens our Hearts to deeper levels of Love, Joy and Peace.
    We habitually suppress our sadness, because feeling it can be uncomfortable and sometimes overwhelming, especially when it's not supported by the people around us. Even in the most supportive environments, it's difficult to completely embrace grief. Suppression is the easiest route to take, but certainly NOT the healthy one.
    Most of us were taught, from the day we were born, to stuff down our feelings of sadness; to "get over it", to pretend it's not there, and "put it behind us" as quickly as possible. Consequently, most of us are better at suppressing than we are at releasing our pain.
    We tend to even feel ashamed to go out in public after we've let ourselves deeply cry, because we don't want people to know we've been crying. We act as if crying is doing something wrong or shameful! We waste a lot of energy trying to avoid feeling anything but shallow imitations of joy. We stuff down our sadness with overdoses of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, food, drugs, pharmaceuticals like anti depressants, TV, sleeping, thinking, working...etc. We tend to keep ourselves so busy and so distracted that there's no time to feel anything! And we often try to stop others from feeling their feelings, because their sadness triggers ours. And on and on and on the unhealthy cycle goes. I feel 100% certain that deeper levels of grieving/crying is an absolute necessity for the health of our Hearts, our families, our communities, our countries. . .our world.

    The "Silent Epidemic", is the widest spread, most dangerous epidemic in humanity. No joke! You may think I'm catastrophizing here. But I feel certain that I'm not. I feel that humanity is at a serious crisis point with this issue. There are far too many things that are pulling us out of our Hearts and preventing our process of personal growth. PLEASE think about this.

Sadness is not depressing!
It's the suppression of it that depresses us.

    Suppressing sadness - the closing of our Hearts, appears to be the root cause of ALL the problems humanity faces on both personal and global levels. When we've suppressed too much, it blocks our Hearts - depresses us, or becomes anger that yearns to strike out.

    On the smaller scales: not allowing a natural grieving causes our Hearts to start blocking to the point where we also start losing our ability to feel deeper levels of compassion, peace, Love and joy. Greed begins attempting to fill the voids with money and possessions. Our connection to the deeper, wiser parts of ourselves and to the Highest Power, becomes more and more blocked. Is any of this sounding familiar?

    On the larger scales: severe suppression of sadness, causes Hearts to become so blocked that they begin filling up with unhealthy levels of greed, warped senses of spirituality, uncontrolled anger or hatred and a thirst for power over others. . .all of which are THE root cause of the destructive wars we experience between family members, religions, cultures, and countries. When Hearts completely block evil moves in.

     Now, I'm not suggesting that we walk around trying to cry all the time. But I AM saying that we should work at allowing the depths of our Heart's natural cleansing process - that we should allow and support a healthy grieving process far more than we now do. And I'm praying for us to take a deeper look at the damaging effects of the "NO crying/grieving allowed" messages, we deliver to our children and loved ones. I cringe every time I hear the popular Christmas song, "You better be good. You better not cry. I'm telling you why. . .Santa Clause is coming to town..."!!! I'm sure we would not even think of delivering messages like this to our children, if we knew how damaging it is. Sometimes, when I hear this song, I sing along and loudly change the words to, "You'd better cry...", because our individual Hearts need to utilize their natural cleansing process for our soul’s preservation and growth. The "Silent Epidemic" needs to be cured, in order for us to start healing our world, ESPECIALLY through the tough times we now face. It's OK to cry. It is! It really is.

Crying is like giving the Heart a shower
To wash away accumulated dirt.

Lonely Place

Deep inside most Hearts exists a lonely place,
Where sadness hides and silent yearnings
For Love long to be embraced.
This is the place we need to reach -
The depths, where Hearts have much to teach.
But, do we dare reach inside
For sadness that's learned to hide?
Do we dare fully embrace
The tears that long to wash our face?
Do we dare let go of pain
So Love can find its place again?
Perhaps we must.

~ Foundation of Humanity ~

    When I step back and look at our troubled world, it appears that the only way we’re going to fully heal it is to bring more Love and stability into its foundation, into its roots - into our families.
    Within our families we need more support for healthy grieving during times of loss. Within our families we need more of the kind of Love that would not put us down, aim to hurt us or hold us back. Within our families we need less hidden inappropriate behaviors and less mental and emotional abuse. Within our families we need more love, more comfort, more integrity, more compassion - more heart and more support in the process of growing into the wonderfully unique individuals that we all are.
    We need our families to be our places of refuge - our safe sanctuaries. Families can't be perfect. But we can do a lot better than what we are doing - we can listen to our Hearts and be here for each other on deeper levels.

    In order to have a more positive impact on our world we need MOST of our families to be safe, kind and supportive MOST OF THE TIME. . .and for them to hold a Heart out to those that aren’t.

    I feel certain that there are far more secretly troubled families than we realize, in EVERY class of society. With what appears to be a satanic occult targeting families with subliminal messaging and brainwshings through our TVs, computers, cell phones and remote microwave technologies, we are in need of drastic counter-measures. Many of us do not seem to realize how wounded our families are becoming.
    Within many families there exists a silent rule which says, "it's not OK to face or talk about the damaging things that happen within the family," which prevents healing. Protecting the reputation or appearance of the family is often more important than healing from its mistakes and making things better. Even in the mildest situations, this is damaging.
    Please believe that none of this is about judging our families. It’s about striving to make things better - it’s about healing – its about bringing more Love into humanity through the foundation it is built on.
    When we face and heal the painful experiences we stuff into our childhood it lightens our load and frees the future.
    Through my efforts to try to understand why some of my own family members treated me as badly as they did, I grew to realize that, within each of their Hearts was a wounded child who needed an outlet for the pain they’d not yet healed. (This was before I realized that a huge part of it is because we are one of many families that has been used for remote technological experimentation.)
    I was the scapegoat in a family where denial grew into such damaging levels of mental abuse that I’ve had to remain almost completely separate from them through most of my adult life. But I still love them.
    Although I wish we could all be connected in a good, healthy, healing way I now accept that this will probably never happen.
    There are many families who are in this sort of crippled state. And its just too sad that some of us need to protect ourselves from our own families.
    But I feel that family members who hurt us deserve as much compassion as we do. We all make mistakes that have ill effects on our children, siblings, parents…etc. And its important for us to face our own mistakes as well as the things we feel hurt by, even if it breaks some dysfunctional family rules, because this is what will help our families heal into a better place.

    Pulling family skeletons out of closets may create a bit of chaos, for a while, but when the focus is on healing instead of blaming. . . it is sure to have good results.

    Since the mid 1980s, as I aimed to heal from childhood difficulties and then began sharing my healing process in my writings, I've been dealt painful levels of judgment, from all directions. This has been extremely difficult. But in my heart I know that EVERY family has its own share of problems, and that those who leap to point fingers and pass judgment and prevent healing are the ones who have the biggest problems. NO family is perfect and a lot more healing will take place when we realize this and stop judging each other into hiding our problems and preventing healing.

Our children Truly are "humanity’s future." How can they heal
our future until we are healthy enough to keep them whole?


We can't heal the future
Until we feel the past.
We must look behind us
And face the pain at last.
If we want tomorrow
To fill with Love and trust,
We must face the yesterday
That's lost inside of us.
If we wish to open
Our Hearts and truly care,
We must first embrace
The sadness hidden there.

Child I Used To Be

On a lonely summer day I sat at the forest's edge
Feeling the impact of life's hard lessons,
When she came to me, a mere child of three,
In soiled, worn-out clothes and hair of honey gold.
I stared at her in wonder - taking in all I could see,
Realizing that she was the child I used to be.
I thought my eyes deceived until she began to speak -
Glaring at me with big brown eyes, as tears covered her cheeks,
"You spend your life searching but don't remember and see,
That I have been here waiting for you to return to me.
You ran away and forgot the great plans we had for you -
The joyful games we'd play and magical things we'd do."
She sat on the ground rubbing her cold, bare feet
Crying, "You didn't take me with you
To the people we were to meet!
You forgot the castles we were to build in the sand,
And not once did you even TRY to hold my little hand!"
She bowed her head, declaring with a sigh,
"And worst of all, you forgot how to laugh and cry!"
My heart filled with sadness. I knew she was right.
I'd left her to grope alone on a cold and dreary night.
In over twenty years did not return or ever even try
To find the child I cast away. . .for the pain I hid inside.
I reached for her shaking hand and asked if she'd forgive,
While making a sincere promise that, together, we would live.
She climbed into my lap, where we held each other and cried,
Until joy was what was left of the pain we felt inside.


A call for us to hold onto, or return to, who we
are and what we were born to do with our lives

    I feel that every single one of us is gifted in a unique way. Some of us are gifted in earthly ways. Some are gifted in intellectual ways. Some are gifted in creative ways. Some are gifted in spiritual ways...etc. But many of us don't listen to our callings, because its hard to strike out on "the road less traveled," especially when it doesn’t look like it will bring the money we view as a symbol of success.
    We often fail to realize how important it is for us to honor our own individual Gifts. Consequently, there is very little support for such uniqueness in our copy-cat world. Yet, when we cast aside our own natural Gifts, in order to do what will bring more money or recognition, we also cast aside our own personal power. Its hurts us and stunts our growth.

When we aim for money instead of following our Hearts
We become like herds of sheep running off a cliff,
After losing ourselves in greed’s engulfing mist.

    Have you ever noticed that the one thing, which most historically famous people have in common, is that they passionately put their Hearts and Souls into their work, WITHOUT following or copying any other human being? History’s best writers, scientists, inventors, spiritual leaders, philosophers...etc., reached into the depths of their own Hearts and Souls and used the Gifts they were born with, instead of copying other people’s. This is the lesson we need learn.

We are all wonderful. We are all Gifted.
And we must reach into our Hearts and Souls,
In order to find the Gift that naturally knows.

    Those of us who are gifted on spiritual levels can have more difficulty with the process of openly honoring our Gifts because, throughout history, those who are born with deep levels of insightfulness, intuitiveness, healing abilities, prophetic abilities...etc., have been too grossly misunderstood, wrongly labeled and harshly judged. This is sad, because its still happening and hurting innocent people.
    At this point in time, there also exists the flip side of this. Since its starting to become “cool” to be a healer or psychic...etc., there are so many wonna-bees jumping into the “spiritually gifted” rolls, that its damaging the credibility of genuine ones, which is destructive for all of us.
    The very best we can possibly do with our lives is embrace the Gift we were born with - embrace what came natural to us, when we were children, and use it in our life's work. . .as well as accepting the Gifts in others, even when we don’t understand them.
    It does not matter if we were born to be a mechanic, a writer, a waitress, a doctor, a politician, a hairdresser, a poet, a farmer, a parent, a psychic, a secretary, a carpenter, a billionaire, an actor, a minister, a prophet...etc. No purpose is higher than or lower than any other - we all have equal importance. And we are all here to help each other.
    When we put our Hearts into our own Gifts, we put more Love into people's cars, people's food, people's books, people's music, people's lives...etc. Lets do it.

When we use our own Gifts and accept the
Gifts in others, we all become more whole
And the world becomes more balanced

What is YOUR natural Gift?
Find it. Embrace it. Use it. Don’t lose it.

My Gift

My gift is You. My gift is Me. It is illuminated in the stars
And travels in your eyes.
My gift rises from
Beneath the largest,
Lonely stone.
It's wings dance
In rays of Light.
My gift shines through
The darkest night.
Its the deepest voice.
In the saddest songs,
We’ve sung without noise.
My gift is beyond earthly,
Far beyond mundane.
It’s wild, free and
Completely untamed.
Like the sun
And full moon,
It’s universal,
Yet plays it's own tune.
My gift is all there is,
All that must come to be,
And resides in the depths
Of the Heart in Me.
My gift is Love.

On Suffering

    Some of us think that those who have more money are more important or more valuable. Some of us think that we “choose our own reality” or go through tough times because we want to or because we deserve it - some of us judge, assume and blame instead of helping.

Are we letting judgment build arrogance and greed
Into excuses to not help those in need?

    It appears so. I feel ashamed to admit that I had moments of believing these sorts of justifications, before I had the rug pulled out from under me and learned (the hard way) that there is a higher purpose to all forms of suffering - one that we often can not fully know or understand.
    Sometimes we suffer, in order to experience what we had judged. Sometimes we suffer, in order to gain a deeper appreciation for things we had previously taken for granted. Sometimes we are cast into struggles, in order to present opportunities for our fellow human beings to open their Hearts and give help that is needed. Sometimes we are cast into struggles, in order to gain the experience we need, in order to help prevent others from suffering - in order to realize and/or expose a crime or wrong doing. Sometimes...etc.
    This list could go on almost endlessly. The reasons for hardship are as vast as the multitudes of complexities in life itself and its not up to us to decide why another person is suffering, especially when that judgment becomes and excuse to not help.

One thing, I’m sure, remains the same:
We are not here for judgmental games.
To grow into Love, is why we came...
And to help find greed’s lost shame.

    The growing delusion, which claims that “those who are right with God have physical abundance...” IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. In fact, the opposite is true. Jesus was physically poor, but rich in Heart. There has been a growing degradation of those who “beg for money,” although they are merely struggling human beings who are asking for help. Please let your Heart change this.


I used to think that we, "Create our own reality"
Until Light shone into all I did not see.
There is a grander plan, beyond the sphere of mind,
That sets Wisdom into the toughest hills we climb.
God creates mine.

Aging Contentment

I stood in the lines where everybody goes
To fix the aging form of skin, hair or nose.
Strong as stone I stood as I studied my reflection
And found these words in my body's deep rejection:
"Each crevice built for tears - these wrinkles on my face,
Are proof of precious years that NOTHING can erase.
In the grey of my fine hair, I sometimes see a glow.
Please handle it with care and let this magic show.
The sparkle in my eyes grows brighter every day.
Please don't cover it up. Don't take THAT all away!
Every blemish, bump or sag, in the eyes of the weak,
May make me a hag. But HEAR these words I speak.
I want to remain human. . .the Truest kind of all.
Don't stretch, tweak or fix me. I don't want to be a doll.
I may not fit in, because of how I feel.
But I don't want to change. So, let me just be REAL."

    Can you imagine the extra joy, peace and contentment that will settle into our Hearts when we let go of our foolish concerns about aging and the ridiculous things we do to hide it?

Personalized Disaster Relief

    Since the volunteer work I did with Katrina and Rita victims, as well as my own personal experiences with disasters, I’ve felt saddened by the lack of uncomplicated help for victims. . .and have come to the following conclusion: When we have the Heart to help, and money to donate, we can help a lot more people with a lot less money when we give directly to individuals and families who are in need. Through giving DIRECTLY to those in need we can FULLY help dozens of people with the same amount of money that would reluctantly trickle down to partially help just one person. . .through most existing avenues.
    Far more disaster victims will be helped when we let our Hearts guide us into the kind of compassion that cares to relieve and prevent further distress by completely lifting people back onto their feet, monetarily, emotionally and mentally. . .instead of offering only enough food or water to sustain their plight. It can cost a lot less to COMPLETELY help people back onto their own feet than it does to keep them down and feed them for long periods of time. . .and its far more humane. Lets let our Hearts do the deed of FULLY helping those in need.

After disaster strikes, most victims need
these three things, in order to fully recover.

1. A safe, kind, genuinely welcoming place to live.

2. Enough peaceful time to heal, without being pressured to hurry up and "get over it...etc." - time for grieving in an understanding and compassionate environment.

3. Uncomplicated financial assistance, to lift them back onto their own feet.

    Please remember that reluctant help does not feel very helpful, because most disaster victims already feel humiliated and guilty for having to depend on other people, not to mention the state of shock and/or grief they can be experiencing. Victims feel more comfortable with the type of help that comes from GENUINE care. Please find the Heart to care.
    Also please remember that interrogating victims, and making them prove their losses, as most agencies do, merely ads to their distress at a time when they are often already so overwhelmed that they have a hard time remembering details, anyway. Its better to just focus on listening to our own instincts - our own Hearts. It is best to just offer a compassionate ear and/or shoulder, instead of suspicion and intense questioning, because they all DO deserve the help they need and should NOT have to be dealt the added distress of having to prove themselves or defend themselves against suspicions, which are usually born from a greedy, selfish search for a reason to not have to help.

NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS. . .those who continue
to suffer just haven't gotten the type of help they need.

"What can I do for you in your time of need?"
(These are the words that plant a healing seed.)

P.S. An old Native American tradition requires that we never let anyone know what we've done to help another person. This is to keep our egos out of it and pull our Hearts into it. Perhaps we can learn something from this wise tradition.

What Would it Take?

If I were homeless and cold and in need of help
Would that make me less worthy of help?

If my thoughts and beliefs were different from yours
Would that make me less worthy of help?

If I were really targeted and not "mentally ill"
Would that make me less worthy of help?

If my excruciating pain acted out with angry outbursts
Would that make me less worthy of help?

If you did not approve of my work and writings
Would that make me less worthy of help?

What would it take? Money? Molding me into you?
But that's not help! That's not help. Its not.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

Download the Heart Bud Paper

Sight of the Heart Bud

The Heart Bud blog

HOME is that place, deep inside our HEARTS,
Where LOVE merges with the LIGHT.

The more open our Hearts are - the closer we are to Love/Light/God.
Its an automatic connection. Love is ALWAYS here for us.
All we need do is open our Hearts enough to feel it,
And then keep on opening them until we live it.

The most dangerous part of the microwave targeting of humanity is the ways that it is blocking and/or preventing the natural process of personal growth. It is imparative that we expose and stop these crimes - preserve our HEARTS so that we can grow into all that we were meant to be.

Lets let LOVE win

P.S. Working on healing our hearts is often impossible for those of us who are experiencing heavy targeting/torturing - we are lucky to be just surviving most of the time. We are in need of protection and safety that is not yet here for us. Please do all that you can to help it come. . .not just for us, but also for the future safety of all of humanity.
    In the deeper past I'd done a lot of writing about our need to heal the Heart of humanity. . .and I'd done a lot of my own healing work to justify it. But I am not in very good shape right now, due to being so heavily targeted for so long. But I hope my writings touch your Heart. Most of them are freely downloadable.

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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