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I've had problems with computer and web infiltrations. Some of my posts have been being altered or erased! Please excuse the mess. When I am free of the infiltrations, and am less overwhelmed, I will be able to do more to fix it.

Nov 6, 2023; PDF of Important Information about the plight of the Palestinian people. PLease print it and help spread the word.

(This info was previously at http://www.targetedinamerica.com/palestine.pd)

July 22, 2023; For Peace in America blog and new paper to pass out...



July 20, 2023; Please check out my new Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom book...


July 20, 2023; The :Five Minutes for Freedom" Speech

   The original "National Health Freedom Coalition" was started, in order to enable natural health care practitioners the right to help people without being arrested and convicted for offering herbs or energy healing...etc., without a medical license. Then it grew into standing up for other rights and freedoms associated with our health and safety and our right to make choices for ourselves, which do not include pharmaceuticals or mandatory vaccines for our children...etc.
   Diane Miller is a lawyer who is one of the three original founders of the National Health Freedom Coalition. In this "Five Minutes for Freedom" speech Diane exposed a truth that every person on earth should be made aware of. It is difficult to hear on this video because Diane Miller's microphone appears to have not been working properly and she struggled with the delivery of her speech in some places. But it was still the best speech I've ever heard and those who know me, and my very long lone stand for freedom, will understand why when you hear it. I literally cried through the last minute or so of it and had to listen to it a couple times. "Someone else knows and is standing up!," my heart literally cried out loud. This meant a lot to me. More than words can say. Nothing has given me hope more than this one minute of this speech has. I have transcribed* this part for those of you who will not be able to hear it well on your computers.

I hope this speech will reach the whole world and help restore our most important freedoms - the freedom to think for ourselves and retain our own hearts and spirits and live out our lives the way we choose to, without any sort of interference from the dark forces that use pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies and other things, in order to control or harm humanity...

* "We have a new element in our world, since 1900. It is the evolution of our man made technology. Current technology has the capacity to control, kill, destroy humans without confrontation or traditional war or explosions. Technology has the capacity to make Mother Earth uninhabitable. Technology has the capacity to convert humans into non-humans, without their consent. Technology has the capacity to change the nature of what it means to be human. Technology, in and of itself, does not recognize the fundamental principle that humans have a sacred side; a soul path - a yearning for following their hearts and pursuits - a need for the freedom to decide their own destiny and to be free from the abuse of power and domination - and our innate interconnectedness... with all of nature and Mother Earth - and our expectation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Technology is a tool. It does not have a soul. It can be used for good. It can be used for evil or tyranny. Will those who own or implement technology be held to the moral principals embodied in our constitution - our law of the land? Can our constitution provide the much needed guidance now, and reign in technology, to insure the survival of humans and our planet? Will we and our law makers act quickly and will we construct our [ grills? ] soon enough to save our lives? We are the people.... This is our dream; the sacred plan of freedom - the protection of the human spirit. We will now act, all together, and answer our individual callings to do what we can to steer our sacred ship of freedom to safe harbor."
~ Diane Miller JD

5 Minutes for Freedom speech by Diane Miller JD

   I think it is probably no coincidence that the microphone was not working well for this speech. It appears to me that Diane has been being covertly targeted. And its probably radio waves that were used to interfered with her brain function during this speech and some other ones.
   I pray for a strong Light to shine for Diane and her courageous pursuits to regain some of our lost freedoms. It appears that she has accomplished a lot with helping state laws to be passed, which enable us the freedom to make our own personal health care choices, but it surely would have been a lot more if there was less opposition. Diane deserves a LOT of credit for following her own heart in a pursuit of freedom for humanity. I'm sure its not been easy for her.
   The original "National Health Freedom Coalition" now appears to have split up; it branched out into the "United States health freedom congress," which seems different from the original organization and has become more popular. Shifts like this are a common result of the evil targeting that tries to phase out the genuine heart of the original and replace it with something else - something more controllable. Hopefully this is not what has happened here and that it is stopped if it is. Below is the website for the original organization...

National Health Freedom Coalition

Constitutional Rights: It's a Matter of Health and Survival by Diane Miller JD

P.S. I wonder if they also took over Diane's family, like they did mine. I'd love to talk to her, but I don't dare even try to, because it would most likely make the targeting vamp up on both of us and sabotage our connection. This has happened before. It has been my experience that truly targeted people, who are fully aware and have the heart to resist, have not been allowed to unite, because there is more power in groups who stand up than there is in individuals who stand up. And because isolated individuals can be more easily inconspicuously murdered or gotten rid of in some other way. It appears that Diane has not been as isolated, as I have been, and this is good for her. However, the tiny amount of views and support for her "Five Minutes for Freedom" speech indicates that she is too alone in this stand. Please give her some kind and genuine support. Hopefully she never will be isolated and that she still has loved ones who can care about her and support her and that her heart will hold strong. I pray for safety and freedom for her and all other targeted people as well as the rest of humanity. And me too.

Hopefully soon... all of us (humanity) will be fully free to follow our own hearts and instincts and natural spirituality, and live out our own lives the way we choose to, without any sort of interference or harm being inflicted by radio wave technologies or pharmaceuticals or anything else.

September 1, 2022; Please print and share this new paper: www.poeticpublications.com/freedomspeacepaper.pdf

Freely download and share this new edition of the Technological Holocaust book, which is a
"Call for the Heart of humanity to stand up and save itself from technological destruction."

New Technological Holocaust Book (Edition 7)

Please print and share this paper.

May 24, 2021; My New Books

I have recently published four new books, which are replacing some of my old ones. My Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom book and my Return of Native Spirit books both address the targeting. They are on Barnes and Noble and the following page. www.poeticpublications.com/publications.html

May 24, 2021; Microwave Weapon Attacks Exposed in Media

   In the following news broadcasts and articles, microwave weapon attacks are being called "health incidents" and "Havana Syndrome" and "sonic attacks," and these are the same as the "Directed Energy Weapons" (DEWs) and "ELF frequencies" and "microwaves" and "radio waves" that Targeted Individuals (TIs) have been reporting and calling "electronic harassment" (EH).
   No matter what names are used for it, they are all intrusive attacks, which are remotely inflicted with various frequencies and intensities of radio waves. The painful and debilitating attacks are VERY real and there is also far more that can be done with the radio wave technologies, than what these news reports portray. Please read www.targetedinamerica.com or my Technological Holocaust book, which is on Amazon.
   There are many different types of microwave weapon attacks, which can range from temporary inflictions of pain and interference with brain function (at strategic times) to inflictions that cause permanent brain damage and death. Although the reports below talk about a sound happening during the attacks on government officials, other types of attacks can happen without any sound being present at all. I know because I have experienced them.
   I hope criminal use of all land and space based radio wave (microwave) technologies will be quickly exposed and stopped on a global scale. These reports are the first rays of hope I've seen in the media who used to imply that victims of microwave weapon attacks were just "mentally ill." Hopefully now they will realize the truth about what has really been happening to many Targeted Individuals.

In one video below, a CIA agent who was attacked, said, "This was the most terrifying experience of my life." I can relate. It truly is terrifying. It can feel like your head is about to explode and can get so intense that you just want to die, in order to get it to stop. These attacks can be terrifying for the victims, whether it happens just once or repeatedly for decades, in varying degrees, like I've experienced. Nobody should ever experience this. But many of us have.
   The types of attacks that Targeted Individuals experience are ongoing. There really are no words to express how horrible it is to not only experience the most painful and debilitating attacks, or ongoing milder ones, but to also know that another attack could come at any time. The worse part has been people not believing that its really happening and having no place to turn to for help and no way to protect myself from it. There are many times when I did not know if I would survive the attack or if I would end up brain damaged. Most of the attacks on me have been milder than the severe ones, but even the milder ones can be scary and debilitating in the way of draining energy levels and interfering with thought processes and causing pain.
   The intent with me does not seem to be to inflict obvious physical damage, but to terrorize or punish or torture and violate me at strategic times. The timing of the attacks proves to me that I am being very closely watched by whoever does the attacks.
   According to dreams I've had, and some of my experiences, I feel certain that at least some of the attacks are being done with space based technologies in conjunction with satellite surveillance technologies. But, no matter what technologies are used, its hell for the victims and it should all be stopped as quickly as possible.

Microwaves suspected in attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China

Possible energy attack being investigated near White House

Officials say 130 suspected victims of possible energy weapon

'Havana Syndrome': Microwave Energy Suspected
In Mystery Illness Targeting U.S. Diplomat | TODAY

"Microwave weapons are targeting US officials at home and abroad" https://www.foxnews.com/politics/microwave-weapons-are-targeting-us-officials-at-home-and-abroad

THE SUN in the UK reports Russia being responsible for the microwave weapon attacks on USA officials, but I am not sure if this has been proven to be the case. According to things I have experienced and witnessed, there appears to be different groups who do the covert and microwave targeting for different reasons, which is why I have called it a "covert war". And they often try to make it look like someone else is doing it - to get the victims to blame some innocent entity. We do need to be careful about not misplacing blame so that the discord is kept to a minimum and the hell can truly end, instead of the problem being compounded by even more fighting. It is my hope that high officials, in all countries, will quickly pull together to bring it all to an end on a global scale, instead of blaming and fighting each other.


Now that the media is standing up for government officials, who have been hurt by one kind of the microwave weapon attacks, there may be more hope for the rest of the microwave weapon crimes to be exposed and stopped for other victims as well. For those of us who are long term victims of ongoing microwave attacks, these news reports are a ray hope for the hell to finally come to an end. I hope the rays keep shining deeper and deeper into the full TRUTH and help freedom to be gained for all victims of all types of microwave targeting. Please read www.targetedinamerica.com.

Feb 1, 2021; My new blog is at www.sharonrosepoet.blogspot.com

March 1 update; I regained access to my www.yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com

Feb 1, 2021; A Simple Way to Make Sure We Have Safe Drinking Water

Please print and share this five page document.

Previous posting was four page. But I updated a few things and added pictures. I am experiencing painful torture for writing and sharing this. They are blasting my upper spine with radiowaves and laser shots to my throat, as a warning to not say this. I hope this article reaches all who need it. please help it to.

Dec. 3, 2020; Heart of my songs torn out!

This is a pdf of article I just wrote about my songwriting

I just noticed that two important verses, to two of my songs, were removed from my "Hints of me in Poetry" book. The verse that was wiped out of my song entitled, "Listen to My Songs" is; "My love for you is here between every word. My heart is singing. Have you heard?" And the verse that was wiped out of my "Just Another Cinderella" song was; "Now I'm just striving to be me and to know that I'm alright. These tears I now cry are going to dry tonight." I also noticed two lines added to my "Light a Candle" song, which was not good. How much else has been done to alter my writings? I don't know. I feel so hurt. Those who infiltrate my computers tearing out the heart of my writings is the worse thing that could happen to my work. I feel devastated, especially since there is no way for me to fix them, due to onging targeting and computer infiltrations...etc.

Nov 12, 2020; Letter to the BLM People


Our Core Problem paper

Nov 2020; Dealing with a crisis, without addressing it's core cause, is like trying to swim across a rapidly flooding river without arms or legs.

Our Core Problem and it's Solution

    It is clear that something horrible is happening in our world. The discord that has been erupting is not natural. But, in order for things to get better the core problem must be faced, exposed and stopped. Please give this statement the benefit of doubt and keep in mind that the most damaging batches of disinformation are sometimes that which portrays critically important Truths as "conspiracy theories", leaving real crimes unrealized and unstopped. This core problem can be easily proven. All it needs is the types of investigations, that awareness can enable. Please become aware.    It is clear that something horrible is happening in our world. The discord that has been errupting is not natural. But, in order for things to get better the core problem must be faced, exposed and stopped. Please give this statement the benefit of your possible doubt. This core problem can be easily proven to be true. All it needs is the types of investigations, that awareness can enable. Please become aware and help spread the word, especially to officials who can help stop the problem from continuing.

   Most people are aware that radio waves can be shot down to people's homes and businesses, from satellites, for the purpose of internet access. It is a scientific fact that certain frequencies of radio waves can interfere with brain function. It is a scientific fact that radio waves, which are tuned to the same frequency as the human brain, can be used to transfer thoughts from the human brain into a computer to be read. The field of medicine has publicized this. And there are other experts who are far more advanced with these sorts of thing, but have not documented or advertised it due to criminal use of it. The reverse can also happen - thoughts can be plugged into the brain through a computer...etc. Various levels of interference with natural brain function can be done with satellite surveillance systems, which can also emit and direct radio waves. These technologies can be used to flood whole communities with brain washing radio waves or can watch and target individual people in more severe ways. And these technological brainwashings are far more effective on people who are taking the types of pharmaceuticals, which numb the brain and inner senses like instincts, intuition, compassion...etc.       
   These types of pharmaceuticals have been being distributed on a massive scale under the guise of them being needed for what is claimed to be mental or emotional disorders. Around the 1950s, people like Dr. Thomas Szasz, had fought to expose and stop a scam of false "mental illness" labeling and the prescribing of psychiatric pharmaceuticals to healthy people who did not really need them. But he appears to have been targeted and then the problem grew instead of being stopped. There are now massive amounts of healthy people who take the same psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which aid technological manipulation of their brain. (Mental and emotional problems can be inflicted with radio wave targeting.)
    But people who have been prescribed psychiatric pharmaceuticals are not nearly the only ones who have been consuming them. In 2008 CNN and ABC news reported psychiatric pharmaceuticals being found in both public and bottled drinking water throughout America. In 2014 they were still there. This was thought to be due to run off of contaminated waste, because of the massive amounts of the pharmaceuticals that people take. This makes perfect sense. But I feel that there is another problem too. Due to a dream I had, and events that took place after my sharing of the dream, I feel that these pharmaceuticals have also been intentionally put into America's water supplies, in order to aid the technological mind control.* I feel that this is an intentional attack against the freedom America has stood for.
    I suspect that the psychiatric drugs have also been put into other types of pharmaceuticals, foods...etc. The brain and sense numbing pharmaceuticals alone are horribly destructive, because they have been blocking people's instincts and hearts. This prevents the natural process of inner personal growth - people have not been allowed to grow and evolve into the functional, healthy human beings most of us would be if we were free. This enslaves all who have consumed them either through prescriptions or the water or whatever else that may be being used to force them into people. Add in the radio wave manipulation of the brain and there exists various levels of remote control of human beings. And those who hold the controls clearly do not have good intentions.
    There are general brain washings, that appear to have been being done on a massive scale. In the mildest levels of it people can be encourage to do things like vote for a particular person or shop at certain stores...etc. In more destructive levels of it people have been being pitted against each other, in both covert and overt wars between races, between citizens and governments, between government agencies, between the rich and the poor, between religions, between political parties, between countries, between loved ones...etc. It has been shoving people toward seeking vengeance instead of functionally resolving issues...etc. On the worst levels of it there are people who are completely enslaved, are no longer who they once were and are a tool for their controllers to use in any way they choose. On the milder scales there are masses of numb and oblivious people who think they are free, but aren't really.

    Technological and Pharmaceutical Mind Control, appears to have been happening since the invention of the Tesla technologies around the year 1900. And it appears to be happening, on a massive scale, since at least the 1950s. It is now the core problem behind most of the other problems we are faced with, both inside and outside the government. This is a horribly holocaustal situation, that is lead by evil forces, and has not only been targeting America, but all of humanity. Public awareness can make it lose a lot of its power. Once we are aware we can second guess our thoughts and dig deeper into our hearts and instincts before we act or make important decisions. Awareness can prevent a lot of the blaming and judging of people who are also victims and replace it with understanding and support. Please spread the word.

People, from all walks of life, should be pulling together to help each other through this, instead of being used to fight against each other.

Criminal use of space based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, and the administering of harmful pharmaceuticals, must be stopped ASAP. I beg all who read this to help, in every possible peaceful way, to restore our Freedom.

    Some blame the government, but according to things I've witnessed and experienced, many government officials are unaware victims of it too. That I know of, there are many victims (including of complete enslavement) in the government, especially in local and state law enforcement, military...etc. Masses of people, both inside and outside the government, have been being used to help achieve goals of the evil forces that lead this holocaust. The horrible fighting must stop and freedom must be restored for everyone.
 ATTENTION OFFICIALS; The radio waves, that are used for mind control can be easily detected with radio wave detection technologies. However, I suspect that radio wave detection and blocking technologies, which government officials have been using, may have had a filter built into them in order to bypass the low frequencies that are used for mind control. And I suspect that certain modes of "protection" from the radio wave targeting may have actually been modes of enslavement. Please investigate these things IMMEDIATELY! Please protect yourselves so that you can be here for us in ways that are desperately needed. Please do everything you can to set us all free.

P.S. There are also other criminal uses of the satellite surveillance and laser weapon systems. They can be used to shoot radio waves into people’s bodies, in order to inflict physical pain or in order to effect organ functions in ways that create physical illnesses. Some of what has been being called “mental illness” is victims being abused/tortured, in multiple ways. Their suffering is indescribable. And they should be helped and protected. Radio waves can also be used for weather modification, which the effects of is also extremely evident. And there is more, but not enough room for one paper. All criminal use of the technologies and pharmaceuticals must be stopped as quickly as possible.

*Filtering water through charcoal may help clean the water, and we can easily make a home made filter. (Look it up on youtube). Lead helps to block the radio waves and surveillance and it should be brought back into the paint on our homes...etc.

Help Yourself and Others With Visualizations

    The general mind control programing is really dark/evil and it is helpful to do visualizations of pure White Light streaming from the heavens and filling your head and body and washing out the darkness. You can also visualize the Light going into your loved ones, your business, your neighborhood and all around the globe...etc. This actually works miraculously when it is done with deep concentration and on a daily basis. It can not block the radiowaves...etc., but it can easily and quickly wash away the darkness that has been being inflicted into people with them. Our world desperately needs the Light right now and I hope it gets enough of it very quickly. We should all be working at visualizing White Light and directing into ourselves and others. This and stopping the radio wave and pharmaceutical targeting is the solution to most of our problems. Hopefully soon, we will regain our freedom.

Please realize the core problem and do every peaceful thing you can to restore freedom and deliver the public awareness that will be needed for recovery. 
 This information comes from direct experiences and things witnessed by me - Sharon Rose Poet, PO Box 383, Mont Vernon, NH 03057. My birth name was Sharon Y. LaBree. My married name was Sharon Buck. And my pen name was Namatari Neachi. Find more information on www.poeticpublications.com

July 10, 2018 For the Good
I wish all the "good" would openly stand
up for Freedom with honesty and Heart,

     A Truth, which I feel through the core of my heart and soul, is that it is safer to stand in the Light - to openly stand up for Freedom and enable the Love and understanding and comfort and support that is desperately needed and should be happening for all the victims everywhere, especially those who are not aware. I beg officals to stand up for us as well as themselves and bring this covert war to an end.

July 6, 2018 Please Print and Share This One Page Paper.

July 5, 2018 Freedom's Beacon Blog
    In May I was working on this project up until the middle of last week. I really needed something else to focus on and to feel that I am doing something to help this whole situation. So I started editing a few old articles and was going to try to publish them in another book under a pen name of Karin Hart and a title of either Beacon for Freedom or Freedom's Beacon. I had hoped that those who target and watch all that I do would let me freely do it and let it fly into humanity, since it would not have my name. But, this appears impossible. So, I started a blog with the name of the book, and made it public. Maybe someday I can add more to it. Please help the info on it to reach as many people as possible, especially officials who can do more to help restore Freedom.

Freedom's Beacon Blog

July 5, 2018 Yearn to Get Back to Work
    The targeting forced me to stop the core of my work and focus on exposing and getting help to stop the targeting, so that I could freely do my work, without it being sabotaged and without my clients being targeted...etc. At this point, after nearly seven years of a heavy aim to expose and stop the targeting, I feel like I have done just about all that I can, under the threatening and torturous and deprived conditions I'm trapped in.
    I'm still standing, but they have my hands too tied and have been watching and sabotaging and hitting me so hard for so long, that there is just not much more I can do, and its up to the rest of you to help pass the word and/or allow this part of my writings to reach people who can do more to help stop the targeting from continuing, for everyone.
    Through these years of fighting to expose and get help with stopping the targeting, my heart has yearned, with increasing intensity, to get back to my work, fix the sabotaged parts of it, add more too it and do more to promote it; I deeply yearn for the freedom to do this and the privacy and peace I need, in order to look back through my whole life and finish clicking the puzzle pieces together...etc. I need to do this, not only to make sense of it all, but also to process my feelings, which have been imprisoned for too long. This process of looking back and freely feeling and healing is not only a necessity for my health, it is also what my work is about, and it feels horrible to be trapped in a torturous prison where I am not allowed the freedom and safety and privacy that my work and health requires. The "embracing feelings" part of my work is the most important core of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. And its what I should be doing.
    So, I beg those of you who target me and hold me in this torturous destitution prison, to please set me free. And I beg those who can care and everyone else to please help me get back on my feet financially, so that I can recover and do my work. Please send what you can to...

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

What is left of my work; www.poeticpublications.com
My primary Blog; www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com

P.S. Its sad that, through all my efforts, for many years, there still appears to be no officials who intend to be here for me and help prove and end the targeting for all of us and America and the rest of humanity. I feel indescribably sad about this. It is still desperately needed. I guess I have just stopped expecting it and waiting for it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018; Targeted in America
    When I look at the bigger picture I still feel that our government and America are victims of the technological targeting too - that we are all targeted in America. . .and I don't want to fight "the government". . .I want the Heart of it to openly stand up for us and show that it cares and is here for us, so that trust and Freedom can start being restored.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

December 1, 2017 Newly edited "Calling all Hearts" paper. Please print and share it.

December 1, 2017 "Yearn for Freedom" book

My yearn for freedom is a pain filled cry that rises
from the depths of my heart, for my loved ones,
myself, America and the rest of humanity.

Order on Amazon

    This book contains more of the "Through the Years" part of my testimony than previous books, as well as a lot of new poems and a few songs...etc. I hope it helps to validate long term Targeted Individuals and helps our loved ones to realize that the technological and covert targeting really is happening and to far more than just us. The worst part of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, which has been happening to much of humanity, is that it blocks our Hearts, our intuition, our instincts and stops the process of inner growth - preventing people (even children) from naturally maturing. Please realize what is happening and help restore our freedom.

In order to attain world peace our Hearts must be set free

Monday, June 26, 2017 Calling all Hearts Again
I recently updated this one page paper.
Please print it out and pass it to as many people as possible.

    Most people are aware that radio waves can be sent down to their homes or computers, from satellites, for the purpose of internet access. But most people are not aware that these technologies can be criminally used - that beams of radio waves (microwaves) can also be directed into human beings to disrupt brain and body functions in ways that can range from mild to lethal. Radio waves shot into the human brain can inflict mental numbness and confusion, unusual mood swings and mind control - brainwashings. Radio waves shot into other parts of the body can cause physical illnesses like fatigue, joint pain, lupus, cancers, lung inflictions, heart attacks, brain damage...etc. I understand how difficult it may be to believe that this is happening, but please give it the benefit if your doubt. What's happening is so outrageously inhumane that a natural response can be to slip into shocked denial, overwhelm, or blind disbelief, but this situation needs your awareness and attention. This is a crisis that is already hurting humanity in many ways. It is a technological holocaust that needs to be more fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible.
    There is documented scientific proof that experiments, on the effects of radio waves (microwaves), being shot into the human body, began around the early 1900s by scientists like Nicola Tesla. Around 1961 President John F. Kennedy exposed this crisis to media officials saying, "Today no war has been declared - and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack... we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means… There is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security - a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity." This is NOT A "COMSPIRACY THEORY." It has been happening for decades. Most people just are not aware of it. Hints of it leaked into the mainstream media in the 1970s when part of the MKULTRA and Russia's microwaving of the American Embassy were reported, but not much has been reported since then.
    The worst of the technological targeting is mind control, which is aided by certain types of pharmaceuticals that have been being heavily pushed upon humanity and were even reported to have been found in USA public drinking water supplies in 2008. Though the immediate effects of technological mind control may be virtually unnoticeable to most people, the long term effects could be devastating for all of humanity if it is not immediately stopped, especially that which is performed on children - humanity's future. When we are not allowed to freely think and feel we cannot fully follow our own instincts and Hearts and our natural process of personal growth is impeded and this is too damaging to be allowed to continue any longer.
    The computerized infiltration of people's minds may sound impossible to many, but it is a devastating reality to even some of them. Veteran Author, Jim Keith had stated that, "Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s…"
    The technological mind control is a covert enslavement of humanity which must be stopped as quickly as possible. It has been being performed on unaware people in the secret shadows of a global covert war for decades now. The late Philip Coppens reported that "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men's minds. "We might call it in its new form brain warfare." Many blame only "the government," but victims of technological mind control, and other forms of microwave targeting, include government personnel and media, as well as common citizens. The sadistic mind control programming appears to be pitting government and citizens, as well as family members, against each other and this cannot have a good result if it is allowed to continue. We should be standing up for each other, instead of fighting against each other, since we are all in this together. There are privately owned satellites "for internet purposes," And there probably are other privately owned space and ground based technologies as well. The field of medicine, from psychiatry and dental to universities and hospitals appears to be heavily involved in the targeting and it is very possible that many of the physical and mental illnesses, which are inflicted with radio waves (microwaves) being shot into our bodies, could be for the purpose of financial gain through the sale of pharmaceuticals. . . some of which may also contain the compounds that aid technological mind control.
    Part of the sadistic technological targeting includes the torturing of heavily Targeted Individuals who are suffering indescribably. Within the covert war, unaware citizens and mind control victims have been being lured into, or targeted/tortured into, a sadistic covert program, which uses them to help technologically target or harass or recruit fellow citizens, sometimes under the guise of it being good or "help." There appear to be false covert "rescues" of isolated and tortured Targeted Individuals, which lead to complete enslavement of those of us who are thought to be missing or dead. Please help spread the word on this. Public awareness can stop the recruiting process and deliver severe victims and their families the validation and understanding that is desperately needed.
    Criminal use of ground and space based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, is probably the most dangerous thing humanity has been face with. Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for the Heart of humanity to rise into a strong, PEACEFUL, public stand for Freedom. I beg government and media officials, in America, as well as around the globe, to let your Hearts unite and stand up for us.

Please give this information the benefit of your doubt. Please copy and share this information with as many people as possible. Gather loved ones and neighbors into supportive groups and stay calm and act peacefully. Avoid the sadistic covert program/secret society and follow your own Hearts above all else. Do what you can to protect yourself, especially your brain. Please help remedy the obstacle of radio wave blockers being illegal to obtain in some countries. Pray or wish for the full restoration of our Freedom and do all that you can to help stop criminal use of radio wave technologies.

ATTENTION GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS; There may be modes of technological "protection" that have been a sly enslavement and filters, which bypass the low frequencies used for mind control, built into radio wave detect and blocking technologies. I hope this is investigated.

Please copy, print and share this information. Below is a PDF;

Monday, June 21, 2017 Web interference
    I have been getting interference on the web. The bottom of this announcement page was cut off so that most of my entries, since early 2012, can not be viewed. This has also happened on my www.poeticpublications.com sight. I am sorry I have no way of fixing it. I had copies of in abook but it was stolen from my car.
It seems to be connected to their plagiarizing my work - or steeling it so they can pretend that I plagiarized it from someone else. I hope they do not succeed.

Monday, June 19, 2017 Chemotherapy Concerns
    Some forms of Chemotherapy may be good for some types of natural illnesses. I really do not know much about it. However, I feel that there is a type of chemotherapy that can be extremely damaging to our Spirits and cause a sort of inner death, which greatly aids technological mind control.
    My concern started in 2006 when a doctor told me I was nearly dead and needed chemotherapy. At that time, I'd had a dream which showed my illness being caused by dark energy being shot at me and had felt that the chemo would be even more damaging to me, so I refused treatment. I now feel that the "dark energy" was the microwaves/radio wave targeting and that, at that time, it was being done in ways that were intended to force me into medical treatment, including chemotherapy. I am so glad I didn't let them do that to me. And I hope other people listen to their instincts above all else, when it comes to taking any sort of pharmaceuticals. Doctors do not always know what is best for us. It appears that, in this holocaustal targeting, they are sometimes even used to hurt us. I hope it is all exposed and stopped soon.

    I feel that there are many different types of pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control, and have been being pushed onto people who are not really ill, but are experiencing microwave/radio wave targeting, perhaps just to be put on the meds for monetary gain and/or to aid technological mind control.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets
hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a
STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Monday, June 19, 2017 The Bill


Saturday, June 17, 2017 Please Stand Up
    I again want to beg those who are being used in the sadistic covert program, under the guise of it being a good thing, to realize that it isn't and find the Heart and the courage to step out of it with a group of people/witnesses and fully and peacefully stand up for yourselves and us and America and humanity.
    But if you want to stand up please do it quickly because there may be dangers in considering it or talking about standing up for too long before acting.

Friday, June 16, 2017 A Bit of Validation
    When I run across bits of validation from sub media forums that are standing up for us Targeted Individuals, (TIs) I feel grateful. I deeply appreciate their courage. And I'd do more to thank them in comments on their articles, but I have been being blocked from them.
    I have concerns too though, because most of the exposure in the sub media seems to focus primarily on the "gang stalking" and is laced with blame against our families and/or the government, which is understandable, since these are the places we have been being programed to blame. And their silence...etc., makes them look guilty. Its easy to blame them when we are not aware of the extent of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control which can seriously influence not only our loved ones, but also community members in all arenas.
    The technological mind control is a critically important component in the sadistic targeting, because it is used on our loved ones and community members, in order to keep us isolated and disbelieved and unhelped and sometimes even completely forgotten or framed for crimes...etc. Much of humanity appears to already be enslaved. Most of the covert harassment appears to be done by mind control victims who are unaware of being used. Some of them appear to have been recruited or tortured into the covert program under the guise of it being good and "helpful." This level of the stalkers are used to try to abduct and enslave us under the guise of it being a covert "rescue." Some appear to be torture victims who have been recruited, by their own abusers, in order to seek revenge on those whom they are convinced have been torturing them, in a covert war for freedom that merely adds to the horrible destruction of it. In one way or another, most of them are victims too. But some are actual criminals who do things like tamper with brakes on vehicles or shoot things into tires or spray something on our windshield that prevents us from seeing through it when it rains or drug and rape us, or steal from us or destroy our property, or put parasites in our food or on our clothes in public...etc.
    We TIs also experience the mind control in ways that sabotage relationships and block our hearts and sabotage us getting the proper kinds of help, can make us appear "mentally ill," or make us forget important pieces of evidence, or make it look like we are just catastrophizing things that are really even worse then we can express...etc. The tortures and mind control can practically drop us to our knees in physical and/or emotional agony one day and then make us look happy and OK - like nothing is really happening to us the next day. The result can be devastating and like being trapped in a desolate public prison.
    Aside from the covert harassment (gang stalking), and the parasite targeting and chemical/bacteria targeting, and the technological mind control, we also experience technological tortures to various parts of our bodies, especially in our head and breasts and pubic area. We are experiencing horrible, holocaustal levels of physical and psychological torture, while being surrounded by people who are not even free to follow their own minds and Hearts and realize or believe or care about what is happening to us. This is more excruciating then words can express, especially when we are not aware of the mind control that uses people to either prevent or withhold various types of help or limit and control the amounts of financial help we get once we are shoved into destitution. We are in desperate need of compassion, validation, understanding, protection from further harm...etc. But all of humanity must become aware, be set free and start recovering, in order for our lives to return to normal even if the targeting stopped on us.

The darkest core of the sadistic targeting is criminal use of radio wave technologies, which has been performing various types of mind control and torture upon much of humanity and it must be quickly stopped. Please help to stop it from continuing - Please help set humanity free.

Wednesday, March 9, 2017 PDFs for Blog Posts (updated on 3-20-2017)
My blog page has been sometimes gotten interfered with and I also do updates in pdfs and books;

Newest Update Page

Introduction Book of Blog

Older Update Pages

    I understand how some people could assume the wrong things with some of my writings about the targeting, especially when they do not always come out very functionally. So, I want to assure people that my fight is not against estranged loved ones who are also victims. My fight is not against the brainwashed or enslaved puppets that are used to harass me or to try to "rescue"/enslave me. And my fight is not against government agencies or America or the United Nations or other countries. My fight is against the holocaustal technological, pharmaceutical, covert...etc., targeting that has been hurting all of us. I wish we could all pull together and openly stand up for ourselves and each other. . .and restore the Freedom to think and feel and live and Love and be all that we were meant to be. I wish.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Plea For Everyone Who is In the Covert Program and is Used in Covert Rescues of Targets Like Myself
    I believe that the darkest ones who lead the targeting slyly control groups of good people whom they use in the foreground of covert rescues, which actually lead to enslavement. I feel that these good people (many who are my estranged loved ones) actually think they have been saved and that they are saving others, but I strongly feel that the reverse is true and the dangers for them are as strong as they are for those whom they are used to "rescue." I beg you to step out of the covert program and fully stand up.

Its Safer to Stand in the Light

    This morning I had a dream, which showed a dark perpetration puppet (who used to rent a room in my Loudon, NH home) luring people away from coming to me. Then I had the experience, which I wrote into the post before this one. After I calmed my distress, I looked at the situation and it appears that another covert "rescue," by good people in the covert program, was sabotaged by those who target me and knew that it was taking place and had control over those who were attempting the "rescue." They also appeared to have used a laser on my brain, and possibly my vehicle, in order to inflict extreme anxiety upon me, through the process. I feel certain that the covert program is NOT the safe "home" that it pretends to be. And I am scared for all who are used in it without realizing what lurks behind them. Please step out. Its safer to openly stand in the Light.
    If there are people who want to help me, you can help me, as well as yourselves, by openly standing up with me and/or passing this information on to as many people as possible. Please save yourselves, even if you do not want to openly stand with me.

God help humanity to be totally set free and have a chance to recover

P.S. Could I be wrong? It is possible. But what if I'm right? I feel that I am right. It is possible that there are good covert groups and that at least some of them are infiltrated, but I seriously doubt this. I'm not sure of all the details within the covert world. But I strongly feel that it is safer to stand in the Light. And I feel sure that the dark ones who target me, sometimes use good, unaware people in the foreground of their operations. . .that the covert rescue into their "home" is actually a sly enslavement. . .and that they have been sabotaging both covert help and overt help from higher places that would have the jurisdiction and modes of protection I've been needing and seeking. They seem to be aware of literally everything that goes on around me. Its safer to stand in the light. (I have been saying this for so long its surprising that people have not gotten the message and I wonder why.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 The Sly Covert Rescue Into Enslavement Depicted in a Music Video
    I had found this video a year or two ago and have actually been scared to post it. But I now feel a need to use it to help prove what has been happening in the process of people being targeted and then approached for a covert rescue that is falsely depicted as a good thing. I feel certain that the covert rescue is really a sly abduction into complete enslavement by the same people who target us. I had a dream about the false covert rescue in 2006 and I have experienced a lot of what is depicted in this video. I have tried to objectively look at it from different directions, but my heart still cries, "Genuine good openly stands in the Light and does not keep the dark targeting secret...."
    I strongly feel that this type of covert rescue is a candy coated satanic abduction that wants to be able to say that it was the VICTIM'S CHOICE to go. . . and this is just too horribly sad for all who have been enslaved and those of us who are being tortured and surrounded by messages that call for us to leave our lives and join them in their "home," in order to get the painful technological tortures and harassment and threats of slanders or framings or false "mental illness" labels...etc., to stop.
    This Kelly Clark video of "People Like Us" is a blatant depiction of the targeting or monitoring and experimentation on a little girl and the covert rescue being portrayed as a wonderful thing. Don't blame Kelly Clark, because she most likely does not even realize what is happening. But notice the words in this song as well as the video. I have experienced these sorts of messages from the covert program that surrounds me with round after round of tortures followed by aims to make me feel like they are on my side as they attempt covert rescues, which sometimes even use estranged loved ones who are already enslaved and think that they are helping...etc.; "Wake up into this world unknown, but know that we are not alone. . . They try to knock us down, but change is coming. . . Don't let it get the best of you. You'll make it out alive. . . People like us we've gotta stick together. . . Hey, this is not a funeral. Its a revolution after all your tears have turned to rage. . . This is the life that we choose. . . Come out. Come out if you dare. Tonight we're gonna change forever..."

    This video also shows government officials as being the bad guys. This happens in the targeting - it tries to pit us against "the government." I'm not saying that every part of the government is totally innocent. I just strongly feel that there is also good there and that government officials, and their families, have also been being targeted. I feel that a covert aim to take over America has been happening through aims to take over all levels of government as well as businesses and common citizens. And, like I have been saying, I feel that this has been happening through technological and pharmaceutical mind control and possibly filters, which block detection of radio wave frequencies used for mind control, as well as some modes of "protection" being a sly enslavement. (I still feel that there is far more corruption in all aspects of the field of medicine, than there is in our government, and that they have been getting away with far too much.) In the bigger picture, the targeting and enslavement has been happening to people from all walks of life. Its dangerous as hell. AND I FEEL THAT THE ONLY WAY TO GET COMPLETELY OUT OF IT IS TO OPENLY STAND UP IN THE LIGHT - TO HONESTLY EXPOSE IT ALL SO THAT IT CAN BE STOPPED AND WE CAN ALL PULL TOGETHER AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER. GOD HELP US ALL TO BE TOTALLY SET FREE AND HAVE A CHANCE TO RECOVER.

Please Stand Up. Please Help Set Humanity Free.

Monday, January 9, 2017 Our Thoughts Are Not Private and Not Always Our Own

    Like I have said before, I have realized, after much doubt, that the claims of technological mind reading and dream projection being remotely performed on Targeted Individuals is indeed True. With the psychotronic weapons attached to our brains our thoughts are not private. If we think it those who target us know it. If we know it they know it. If we dream it they know it. If we plan it they know it. AND sometimes they even intrusively plug in their own thoughts and dreams. Not all of our thoughts are authentically our own.
    I understand how "crazy" this sounds. But its true and the plugging in of thoughts and dreams needs to be known by those whom it has happened to and think they are their own thoughts, and also those who plan to use the technological mind reading as methods of interrogation, which is reported to become part of the high tech future.

January 7 and 8, 2017 Please Help to Pray or Wish and Peacefully Act

     If you do not believe in God please wish for the following things to happen - wish for the dark forces in our world to lose their power and for the good to rise up stronger. Wish for every level of the harmful targeting of humanity to immediately stop. And all wars, both covert and overt, to immediately stop. And do not stop wishing for it until it permanently happens. Also please take peaceful action if you are in positions where you can help stop criminal use of technological and pharmaceutical mind control and all other forms of targetings that have been enslaving and/or harming humanity. And, if you are in a position where you can do so, please inform the public so that confusion and doubt can be replaced with understanding and comfort.

    Dear God,* please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light* upon those of us who have been being heavily targeted - surround us with the honest understanding, compassion, help and protection that we have desperately needed for too long. Please end our suffering - protect us from further harm and restore our freedom to think and feel and live and Love and be all that we were born to be.
    Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light, so strong that all dark, infiltrating forces completely lose their power; shine that Light into the American White House and all of its connecting facilities, every military complex, every Home Land Security facility, every FBI agency, every Sheriff's office, every local and state police facility and all other government buildings and vehicles. Please protect them from pharmaceutical and technological mind control, especially that which enslaves while claiming to "protect," as well as all other forms of harmful targeting. Please set them free so they can do the same for us. Provide them with technologies that do not contain filters, which prevent detection or blocking of the radio wave frequencies that are used for mind control; please help them to do everything in their power to prevent criminal use of all ground and space based radio wave technologies, especially the mind control and enslavement of humanity, as well as intentional microwave induced illnesses, pharmaceutical targeting, parasite targeting, chemical targeting...etc. Please help their Hearts to make a huge peaceful, safe, public stand that reaches comforting hands out to the rest of America and helps people to understand what has been happening so that confusion, doubts and fear can be replaced with understanding, trust, comfort and healing. And, God, please do the same in the United Nations and all other countries, so that all covert wars, both within and between all countries, can stop and Genuine Freedom and Peace on Earth can Prevail.
    Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light, so strong that all dark, infiltrating forces completely lose their power; shine that Light onto all targeted families so that the confusion is replaced with understanding of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control...etc., and the discord can be replaced with comfort and Love; shine that Light into every food production, distribution and sales companies so that our foods can retain their natural nutrients and do not contain parasites, chemicals or any other harmful substance; shine that Light into all water supplies and free them of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals that can harm or aid technological mind control; shine that Light into all medical facilities, including psychiatric and dental, and prevent them from being used to harm, drug, microchip, abduct and enslave fellow human beings; shine that Light into all churches and religions - free them from the covert program and help them return to genuine Love and Light; shine that Light around the Earth and its atmosphere and stop and repair the damage that has been created with radio waves that have been being used to target humanity; shine that protective Light onto every citizen around the globe - protect us from all levels of the targeting and help us heal from it, so that our Hearts can lead us into all that we were born to be; shine that Light strong onto all ravens and their leaders and all others who perform mind control and other lethal targetings so that they cannot hurt us anymore. Set the raven puppets free, especially those who have been abducted, tortured, threatened or brainwashed into the covert program that targets us, and help them return to their Hearts and report their leaders; shine that Light into all satellites and space stations so that they can be free from all sorts of criminal use or prevented from being used at all if that can not happen.; shine that Light into all other places that need it. I may have forgotten something. Please forgive me.
    Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light upon those of us who have been being heavily targeted - surround us with the honest understanding, compassion, help and protection that we have desperately needed for too long. Please end our suffering - protect us from further harm and restore our freedom to think and feel and live and Love and be all that we were born to be.

* The God I pray to is Love and Light and not to be confused with those who play god with judgmental groups who use surveillance and mind control and torturous laser weapons on defenseless people. And the Light is from only that pure Love/God and should not be confused with the energies that have been being used to target humanity, the Earth and its atmosphere.

Friday, December 2, 2016 The Silent Targetings

    I see news reports on whether or not vote counts are honest and I feel deeply concerned that I've not seen any reports on the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, which surely prevents honest voting.
    I see news reports about an increase in diabetes in children and other types of debilitating illnesses in both adults and children. . . and I feel deeply concerned that I've not seen any reports on how technological (radio wave) targeting can cause such illnesses, and that medical and pharmaceutical fields can make astronomical amounts of money from the suffering inflicted upon victims of these types of holocaustal crimes.
    I see uncountable numbers of citizens, around the globe, who have become aware of the technological and covert targetings and have been crying out for help with protection from ongoing, inhumane tortures. . . and I feel deeply concerned that I've not seen any reports which do not assume that we are just "mentally ill," and ad to our suffering
    Everyone knows that the weather has been going crazy and I feel deeply concerned that I have not seen any reports about the weather modification technologies that can cause this.

I wonder why, although I know,
And wait for Hearts to care to show.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 A Sad Day Striving for Hope
     In two posts on this blog I crossed a line into politics, which I had vowed not to cross in my writings. I think this year's elections were the toughest ever, especially for those of us were already scared for the future of America. This is a sad morning for me. And I imagine that today is sad for all who did not want this outcome.
    The only type of political statements I really wanted to make is to express that I do not care if our presidents are republican or democrat as long as they behave in ways that are honorable and as long as they have the Heart to Truly and deeply care for the safety and Freedom of America and it's citizens as well as that for other countries, humanity and the world.

    I have felt deeply concerned that too many of us do not have the freedom, to fully follow our Hearts in the voting process, due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control. But I still hope for the Heart of America to rise into a strong and peaceful stand for Freedom from all that harms us and holds us back from following our own Hearts and being all that we were born to be.

    I hope that destructive covert wars and revolutions stop, instead of intensifying. I hope that people who are opposed to Trump find peaceful ways to collect signatures...etc. I had thought of starting a petition, but decided not to due to being too overwhelmed with the targeting, which seems to block me from reaching many people anyway. I hope others can do more.

God Help America to Regain its Freedom

P.S. I have been getting technological interference as I write and edit this post.

Friday, October 21, 2016; Technological Mind Control Should be the Easiest Part of the Targeting to Detect
    The details of the microwave/radio wave detection, which were in the article linked below, appear to have been changed but the core of it is still there and it proves that the technological targeting can easily be detected; "Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies. At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

    I'd like to also re-share previous statements, which reported a suspicion that future detection technologies could have a filter built in, which prevented the detection of low frequencies that are used for mind control. This was in the UK but it is not unreasonable to think that it could happen globally as well. http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html

    It appears that the technological part of the targeting CAN be detected and proven with unfiltered detection technologies. And I pray for this to happen, so that it can not slyly continue controlling and damaging people.
    I beg government and military officials, around the globe, to do everything in their power to stop criminal use of all ground and space based radio wave technologies as well as the pharmaceutical targeting, which aids the mind control part of it, ASAP.

P.S. I experienced painful torture levels of microwaves being shot into by brain through the days that posted and edited this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016; I Beg You
    I beg government and media officials to let your Hearts stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us, for America. . .ultimately for all of humanity. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free. Please stand up so that people can understand what is happening and at least have the opportunity to resist the mind control, protect themselves and support each other. Please stand up so that heavily hit victims can be understood and protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please stand up and help set humanity free. Please!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016; From Blame's Wars to Peaceful Freedom
    Those who are responsible for the targetings, and technological enslavement of humanity, seem to be manipulating things, in order for blame to be placed on the innocent, on people who have been deceived into thinking its a good thing or on unaware mind control victims whom they use. Please do not let this continue.
    Some say that the UN is to blame BUT it is being targeted too. Some say that America is to blame BUT it is being targeted too. Some say that it is the government BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is the military BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is the FBI BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is law enforcement BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is our families BUT they are being targeted too. And the list of places to blame could go on and on and on and on, and the resulting wars could go on and on and on. . . until we realize that too much of humanity has been being covertly targeted, enslaved and/or used. . .and we must stop the blaming and fighting and let our Hearts stand together, in order to regain our freedom. I wish the Heart of all these places would stand up, expose the targeting and its deceitful tactics and manipulations. . .and set humanity free.

Please let your Heart stand up

P.S. I do realize that nothing has been completely free of normal levels of problems or "corruptions." But with technological mind control being used by dark forces that have been enslaving and using people from all walks of life the normal problems have been magnified to a dangerous degree. The only answer seems to be to fully expose it - to inform and protect instead of blaming and fighting . .as long as the "protection" is genuine freedom and not the sly technological enslavement that appears to have already been happening.

     I hope for all levels of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting to be exposed and stopped without inflicting more hardship upon Targeted Individuals, targeted families, targeted organizations, countries...etc.
    Like President JFK had said, "Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. . ." And this was back in the 1960s! Can you imagine how much ground the dark infiltration has gained since then. . .with the use of technological and pharmaceutical mind control on unsuspecting people in ALL arenas? Please help it to be exposed and stopped.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016; FBI's Ted Gunderson

Its Important that we follow the path of Truth - that
we do not weave to the left or right."
~ Ted Gunderson

   I,d not posted Gunderson before, because most of his videos get into a lot of the political stuff that I have tried to steered away from. But this newer video dives right into what I have felt is the core of our problem - a satanic occult that has been infiltrating and aiming to take over not only America, but ultimately all of humanity. I received a lot of validation from this video of Ted Gunderson, an FBI agent who stood up for our freedom. He says, "This evil aliment has infiltrated virtually every level of society."
   I have felt that many places have been being infiltrated and that this dark infiltration has probably hit medical, dental, psychiatry, pharmaceutical and spiritual arenas even more heavily than most government agencies. Consequently, I feel that there is a danger in blaming "the government" when we need the uninfiltrated parts of it to save us, our country and ultimately all of humanity. And I feel that there may be as much of a danger in not realizing that that too has been being targeted and infiltrated. . .probably in some arenas more than others. . .so that the whole does not continue to be blamed for what a few criminals or mind control victims have been doing.
   I feel that the satanic occult, which Gunderson spoke of, has been utilizing technological and pharmaceutical mind control on people in all arenas and that their enslavement of humanity has already hit holocaustal levels and must be fully exposed and stopped as quickly as possible.

Ted Gunderson on Satanism in America


P.S. There has been some controversy about Ted Gunderson being an imposter. This is probably an aim to discredit him. No matter who this man is or is not, he says a lot of things that I have felt to be absolutely True long before I heard it from him. I think he is telling the Truth about a serious holocaustal problem that we all need to know and help remedy.

Monday, August 8, 2016; A Painful Batch of Ignorance in the New York Times
    Around the time when the NY Times News Paper came out with the article about Targeted Individuals I was stranded in a parking lot. My computers were being shut down. My writings were being sabotaged. My books and websites were, and still are, being blocked from web searches. And I was experiencing a serious vamp up in electronic attacks...etc. I was just able to read it a couple days ago in a library.
    The article was entitled, "United States of Paranoia...," which implies that united Targeted Individuals are just in a state of paranoia. Other titles in the article were, "A Growing tribe of troubled Minds," and "A pretext for violence," and "An ‘echo chamber’ of paranoia," most of which appear to have grown from the field of psychiatry.
    When I read it I felt sad. . .incredibly sad. And I find myself wondering if the author, or New York Times, have even done any research into the technologies that are being used on us, or on the field of psychiatry being suspected of inflicting "false mental illness labels" on victims of eugenics based targetings, or on the fact that states, like Michigan, have even passed new laws against "gang stalking" because it is a VERY REAL crime that has been hurting many people.
    And, even more important, have they considered the additional suffering and pain that is inflicted upon us Targeted Individuals when we are publicly degraded and misjudged - that even just statements like "most likely delusional," can leave us to continue suffering the effects of VERY REAL technological tortures, covert harassment. . .and other false judgments, which prevent the proper kinds of help and protection from further harm.

     Articles like this one feel like another part of the targeting. They hurt us and they prevent the compassionate understanding and comfort that we desperately need from our fellow human beings. We should not have to prove our sanity on top of all else that we are struggling to survive; http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/11/health/gang-stalking-targeted-individuals.html

    I beg the media and general public to give us "Targeted Individuals" the benefit of the doubt that is being raised by those who target us and those who are not aware of the various types of technological and covert targeting, which are happening to many more than just TIs who are in the web. Please keep an open Heart and mind. We need your support and help. We are not just "mentally ill." But we are not OK - we are being hurt and are suffering indescribably. We are victims of holocaustal crimes. . .crimes which need to be publicly acknowledged and stopped for the future safety of all of humanity.

Please help us instead of adding to our pain
We desperately need good, aware Hearts to stand up for
us as well as humanity's freedom. Please be those Hearts.

June 19, 2016; Again - Please Set Humanity Free

    I beg government and media officials to find the Heart to stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us. . .for humanity's freedom. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free; So that people can know and resist and have the opportunity to protect themselves from the mind control; So that people can pull together and support each other instead being torn apart; So that heavily hit victims can understand and be protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in, and please do it without inflicting more harm on the victims. Please stand up and set humanity free. Please save the Heart of humanity from further destruction. Please!

A Fiction Vision of Real Hope;

Please Stop the Covert War

June 17, 2016; Humanity's Worst Enemy

    Humanity's worst enemy is technological and pharmaceutical mind control and the secrecy that allows its continuation. And it has to be exposed and stopped, in order for the mind, heart and soul of humanity to regain its freedom and recover.
    Within the secrecy of the mind control, and its negative programming, the heart of humanity has been being replaced with greed, selfishness, arrogant quests for power over others and the chaos of victims blaming victims...etc. This must stop.
    Some of my past writings are prime examples of how we can easily misplace blame or misunderstand what is happening when we are not aware of being targeted and are not aware of the mind control grip on other people and organizations. Once we know about it, we realize that the only thing, which deserves full blame, is the technological and pharmaceutical mind control. . .in most situations. Without the mind control, and its secrecy, most of our other problems will cease to exist. Please help it to be exposed and stopped, without inflicting more pain upon its victims.

Saturday, June 12, 2016; Why?

Why do too few realize the suffering that silently grows within
the world's worst holocaust? Why do too few care? Why?
Please help break the silence.

Saturday, June 11, 2016; Reminder of Technological Mind Control

    Exposure of the remote mind control part of the targeting, happening through the past few decades, appears to be growing more scarce on the web. So here is a bit of a reminder, with the hope that you will do EVERYTHING in your power to expose and stop ALL levels of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of people's brains, which is hurting far more than our minds. Please help save the Heart of humanity.
    The following statement has been in my books and websites and had, at one point, been erased. It is merely an example, which proves the reality of mind control and its possibility by the 1950s. I feel that there are many different organizations who have been involved in experiments with technological mind control. And that the aim to enslave humanity, started long before the 1950s. Irregardless of who has been (or is doing) what part of it. . .the fact remains that it is indeed happening and is in desperate need of being fully realized, exposed and stopped.

"In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men's minds. "We might call it in its new form brain warfare. . ." In the 1970s, some of this “secret war for our mind” was exposed in a number of Congressional enquiries, but most commentators seem to believe, or accept, that everything stopped, and largely that – from the little information that had not been destroyed prior to the investigation began – it had been unsuccessful. Though the latter might have been the case in the mid 1970s, it is definitely clear that it did not end." ~ Philip Coppens.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through
bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to
make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

    I beg uncontrolled government and media officials to please stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us. . .for humanity's freedom. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end; So that people can know and resist and have the opportunity to protect themselves from the mind control; So that people can pull together and support each other instead being torn apart; So that heavily hit victims can understand and get help and recover. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please!

Humanity Needs to be Set Free

June 4, 2016; Please Do Not Look for Fault

    Please do not look for fault in me or other heavily targeted individuals. We are already hurting indescribably. Our suffering hits holocaustal levels. We are in desperate need of compassionate understanding from our fellow human beings.

    Those who target me have been pretending to be help and are setting up many manipulations around me, which include threats to have me found "guilty" of something and not helped, and threats to set up family members to be found guilty of targeting me...etc., if I don't do what they say and erase certain writings...etc. "You too" they keep saying. . .like if I point a finger at them by exposing what the NH DOT did to me, they will have me found guilty of something! They appear to be either government officials or people who can use the FBI or other law enforcement officials to execute these threats. My original "Into the Light" book was one of the things they wanted erased.

May 27, 2016; A Sad Waste

    Sometimes, when I look back over the years and into the targeting's effect on some of the older parts of my work, I feel like its all wasted, all ruined and not worth a thing. (Much of it does not apply to the targeting situation.) And targets like me, naturally launch into misplacing blame - when we are not aware of being targeted we blame only those who are obviously acting out because we are not aware of the manipulations and technological mind control. My old writings have a lot of this in them. (This theme ran strong in my "Personal Journal" and "Into the Light" publications.) I feel deeply sad about this, although it makes them a good example of what a heavy target goes through or is manipulated into.
    I had worked so hard and had a grand dream and mission and it now feels destroyed - like it was all just a sad waste. But this makes me yearn for my freedom even more, because time is still wasting and there's already too much to heal and too much to fix and too much to explain and too much to make up for. . .and I can not effectively do any of it while being targeted.
    When I was not aware of the targeting, and its sabotaging of my life and work I searched for the "Higher Purpose" to what I was experiencing. I didn't find it, because there was none. There is no "Higher Purpose" to intentional man-made inflictions/crimes. But good can come from bad things. And a good thing may be that, since I have become aware, I've been able to help expose the types of targeting that I’ve been experiencing.

May 27, 2016; New Poetry Page

Poetry of a TI

May 23, 2016; Who Is On My Side?

    Who is on the side of peacefully standing up to expose and stop all levels of technological and pharmaceutical mind control - who is on the side of saving the Heart of humanity from further destruction and giving it a chance to recover from past inflictions? Who is on the side of peacefully standing up to set America and the rest of humanity free? Who?

Friday, May 20, 2016; Did I Write That Right? :-O

    My writings, about the targeting, are not "politically correct" news reports, although parts of them do report the targeting I experience. Most of these writings are stumbling attempts to expose and stop the targeting while I am still being heavily targeted. Consequently they are not nearly perfect, but they are a good example of what a TI goes through. There are probably more discrepancies in my blog, around the year 2012, during times when I was trying to figure out the targeting, when I sometimes misperceived what was happening and when I sometimes believed misinformation that was fed to me. Please listen to the Heart of your instincts, above all else, when you read them.
    Like I have said before, I do not start every sentence with the phrase, "I think" or "I believe" because I assume that my readers are wise enough to realize that if I wrote it it is what I thought, believed or felt at the time when I wrote it.
    None of my writings are perfect. I make some of my own mistakes, especially when my brain is being heavily microwaved. And my writings are sometimes altered by those who target me. These alterations appear to be mostly to make me look bad or crazy. I will not be able to properly fix or explain them until I have my freedom back and have no more interference of any kind.

May 15, 2016; Please Stop the Push for Lawsuits

    At 12;16pm a painful lasering (or microwaving) of the back right part of my head began as I thought about two videos I watched yesterday. . .and how they seemed to be doing more to expose the dark push for lawsuits, instead of on exposing and stopping the targeting. Both videos were main stream media exposure and very professionally done. I felt excited when I first found them. But the push for lawsuits concerns me, because they build a wall that prevents the core of the targeting from being fully exposed and stopped. . .and this even seems to be the aim.
    During the short time that I had connected to Targeted Individual "support" web forums (around 2012), I was steadily stalked by perpetration pushes to file lawsuits. One of them even lied to me - when I told her my view on the foolish lawsuit thing, she told me that it was not for that, in order to get me to join in on the group filing. I quickly learned the truth and pulled away from it.
    I strongly feel that government officials and agencies have been just as targeted, if not more so, than the rest of us. Humanity is being targeted. America is being targeted. We are all in this together and we need to openly pull together, with our hearts, instead of fighting against each other, in order for things to start getting better.

    At this point, a TI filing a lawsuit against our government is like a TI filing a lawsuit against another suffering TI. I wish we could all just let our hearts stand together to fully expose and stop the infiltration and all of its horrible technological targeting and human enslavement.

"We are all victims of hell
Surely me, but them as well."

Sunday, May 15, 2016; Mind Reading - An Intrusive Reality

    I have been trying to pull together a new article that shares a bit more on technological mind reading, but (as usual) am too targeted and overwhelmed to do a very good job with it. But I posted it hoping it will inspire others to do their own research and help to expose these crimes; www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/p/mind-reading.html

Mind Reading - An Intrusive Reality

Wednesday, May 11, 2016; I Wish America Would Stand Back Up

    If the main stream media continues to not expose the mind control and covert enslavement of humanity there are many things that can be done;
    Government officials, common citizens, military...etc., could step out and peacefully line America's sidewalks while holding signs that say things like, "No More Technological and Pharmaceutical Mind Control" and "No More Human Enslavement" and "No More Covert Programs and Wars" and "America Stands for Freedom" until humanity's Freedom has been restored. I understand that other things would have to happen too. . .and I hope they do.
    People who have influential titles and positions could do videos in private and then share them in various ways. People who have enough financial resources could do their own information papers, billboards and ads on TV and in news papers...etc.

IT IS NOT "too late."

No more ugly black sunglasses. No more measure of the classes.
No more covert wars and ways. No more darkness in our days.

    I was lasered when I wrote this more universal version of this post. Was this a manipulation to make it look like America is torturing me? Or was it something else? Like all covert stuff it is not clear who is behind it.

May 7, 2016: Manipulations Breed Misplaced Blame

    My gut feeling is that both ground and space based technologies, which have been being used to enslave humanity, were mostly built and installed under the false pretenses of them being for something good or to protect...etc. Most of those who build or install them probably do not know what they are really for. The covert operation, that targets humanity, appears to be set up in ways that use unaware victims in the foreground of their operations, so that they are the ones who get blamed if it is realized. (Think about this.) These sorts of manipulations tend to push the innocent into defense, fear or flee mode. . .which merely serves those who target us. We need to stand up and expose the manipulations.
    Many people blame "the government." Many people blame the global elite...etc. Some blame aliens, which I feel is a cover-up. There are many confusing theories. People who are not part of the program want to find the True cause so that it can be stopped. But the sad truth is probably that the covert program has already enslaved so many, and has grown so big, that there is now some truth in most theories. The covert operation (secret society) has been targeting and forcefully or slyly recruiting citizens from all walks of life, both inside and outside governments around the globe. So please do not blame just "the government" or just "the people" or just "America," because they are all victims too. These holocaustal crimes began with criminals who have aimed to take over and control large corporations, government agencies and countries around the globe. We are all victims - we are all in this together and we can overcome it through peacefully standing together. Instead of blaming, and continuing the covert wars, please pull together in peaceful public stands that can help restore our freedom.

Please Stand up and Help Set Humanity Free

May 8, 2016: New Update on Morgellons

Morgellons Caused by Electromagnetic Targeting;

May 7, 2016: Technological Personality Swapping

Please Print, Read and Share This Page;

Download in a word document

May 4, 2016: I am deeply concerned that technological mind control could interfere with the elections through influencing people's minds as they aim to vote. I am also concerned that voting takes place through technologies that could be infiltratable.

I feel sad that John Kasich is dropping out of the race. I really liked the integrity he demonstrated when he said that he felt he did not have to bash his apponents in order to win....etc. We desperately need our next president to have the Heart to truly care about the safety and freedom of all people, the wisdom of experience, the integrity to treat people with kindness and respect, good communication skills, and the courage to publicly expose, and peacefully stand up against, things like the technological and pharmaceutical targeting and the enslavement of humanity. But how can that happen under the constraints of technological mind control and who knows what other types of covert manipulations?

Technological Mind control can interfere with a lot of things; It can brainwash masses of people and interfere with who we want to vote for and interfere with our natural process of thinking and feeling and growing into all that we were meant to be. Please help set America Free. And the same for the rest of humanity.

God help America!

April 29, 2016: Please Stand Up and Set Humanity Free:
    I am again begging good people in influential places, around the globe, to Please expose and stop human enslavement in the covert program. Please expose and stop the mind control program. Please stand up and call for a global discontinuation of criminal use of all the technologies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals...etc., that are being used to harm humanity, the Earth and its atmosphere. Please protect heavily targeted people from further harm. Please help victims, and their loved ones, to understand what has been happening to them so that they can fully recover. Please set yourselves and the rest of humanity free.

April 2016: Back to Paper and Ink:
    I am no longer offering any of my books through the electronic method, which the literary world is now steering toward, because I prefere the more secure and solid paper and ink method.
    I have been concerned about too much reliance on, and time spent on, electronics which are not very healthy or secure. And our world needs solid, unchangable documentation of the technological targeting...etc. If you take advantage of my free downloads, please print them out to read and share them.

April 16, 2016; Updated Covert War Page

(Check out older versions at the bottom of this page.)

April 14, 2016; Global Meditation Request

This is a plea for every citizen of the world to participate in uniting, at the same times, one day per month, in good wishes, visualizations or prayers, to help heal yourself and our troubled world.

Download a pdf of the meditation:

Monday, April 11, 2016; A Call for GENUINE Peace

May genuine peace
Replace the covert war
And Hearts move in
To inform and restore.
Leaving. . .
Humanity more free
Than ever before.

April 4, 2016; A Sly Enslavement?

    I am still deeply concerned that certain technological modes of "protection" from electromagnetic targeting could be a sly enslavement performed by those who may also be placing filters in detection technologies, in order to prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. . .and that the covert “rescues” are actually enslavement. I feel that government and military officials are victims of this as well as other citizens. Please help spread the word ASAP.

March 3, 2016; Parts of An Important Article Altered and Erased!

Reconstruction of my page on Tesla Technologies

    The information on this post had been erased from my web page and paragraphs swapped around in my Technological Holocaust book. Erased parts included an interesting "Death Ray" connection between Nikola Tesla's work and the research of Bernhard Schreiber in "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world." I'm in the process f fixing it.

I shouldn't have to be going through this.
Please stop interfering with my writings.

February 29, 2016; Too Fine of a Line

In places where the good and the bad are entwined
The line between standing up for the good
And paving a road for the bad
Can be too fine.

February 16, 2016; New Page on Morgellons Disease


Since I started writing and perfecting this article I am receiving another round of covert threats against myself and estranged family members, which appears to include the infliction of alzheimer's and the death of my father. This could be about a minister that has helped me, because I have expressed that he has some of the same character traits as my father. I hope he/they remain safe.

February 11, 2016; VIP Message for Covert Operations

Masses of dark crows
Lurk behind your trees.
They are behind you
More than around me.
That is why I've been
Begging you to please
Stand up in the Light
And set yourselves free.

Its Safer to Stand in the Light!

P.S. My blog writings and book are still being interfered with, possibly altered.

February 10, 2016; Again, Our Only Enemy Is. . .

    Last night I kept feeling that, if things continue as they are, a horrible destructive world war will break out. I pray that government leaders, all around the globe, unite against their common enemy, instead of against each other - I am begging government and media officials, around the globe, to unite in a peaceful public stand against the technological mind control that has too many people, and possibly even some countries, completely enslaved.

Please let awareness help people and
countries to resist the negative programing

Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
fight each other, instead of loving each other.

February 8, 2016; Who do I want to vote for?

Who do I want to vote for? Which one is not bashing the others?

   I hope that our next president will have the Heart to Truly care about humanity, the wisdom of experience in the field of governing, enough maturity and self confidence to not be degrading or bashing opponents...etc. But is this possible under the constraints of technological mind control targeting? I don’t think so.
   I have not watched much of the debates this year. But the little I have watched makes me wonder if some of the candidates are being either technologically targeted or controlled. I would think that anyone in such an important position would be genuinely protected from electromagnetic (microwave) interference with their brains. But are they? I don’t think so. And how can citizens follow their own Hearts and instincts, when it comes to voting, if they are under the influence of technological mind control? They can’t. God help America. And God help all of humanity, because this situation, if allowed to continue, will have a global impact. America needs to be saved, not only for its own sake, but also for humanity's sake. Please help save America from technological mind control enslavement.

Please read this site and help spread the word

February 7, 2016; A Plea for the Heart of Global Governments to Stand Up

There is a desperate need for people to understand the
targeting and pull together to comfort and help each
other through this crisis, instead of being crushed by it.

    This is a critical holocaustal situation and I am deeply concerned that if things continue as they are, the worse is yet to come for all of humanity. The technological enslavement of humanity...etc., needs to be fully exposed and stopped ASAP. The Heart of humanity needs to stand up and save itself from further destruction.
    It has already been proven that small stands end up being targeted or distracted. What we need is a HUGE stand, one that includes global media and leaders of nations...etc., to unite with a full exposure of all levels of the enslavement and mind control program so that targeted citizens and other government officials can understand and resist and support each other until the targetings are completely stopped. I pray for leaders of our nations and the UN to let their Hearts stand up for humanity.
    The aim for, and concerns about, lawsuits should be cast away, because this is a time of war and people, in all walks of life, have been being targeted. Government officials and citizens need to be pulling together and standing up instead of fighting against each other.

There is a desperate need for people to understand the
targeting and pull together to comfort and help each
other through this crisis, instead of being crushed by it.

P.S. The last time I wrote a plea like this it was erased. Please do not erase this. Please let it reach your Hearts and pass it on to everyone who is in positions of power. And plaase help pray for the united stand of Hearts to replace the covert wars and bring understanding and comfort into the rest of humanity.

February 3, 2016; The Sylvia Likens' Story reeks of Sadistic Technological Mind Control Targeting

    The Sylvia Likens' Story reeks of a severe case of sadistic technological mind control targeting, from the resented good and innocent being falsely accused and tortured, her lack of tears and being accused of faking - looking for pitty, the unexplainable numbness in people who knew and should have helped her, but seem unable to understand, themselves, why they remained silent and/or coldly join in, and the caretaker being on psychiatric pharmaceuiticals. . .to the crimes being blamed on America in the title of the movie. These are all patterns of the sadistic technological mind control targeting that many of us are experiencing. The torture that Sylvia experienced seems like a short, and extremely gruesome, version of what heavily Targeted Individuals are going through. I believe that the families connected to Sylvia Likens situation are victims of various sorts of technological targeting.
    The movie about Silvia's murder, "An American Crime," was probably the most difficult movie I have ever watched. I was glued to the screen and felt a gut wrenching sickness that continued even after it was over. Then the pain and a flood of tears came. . .as puzzle pieces began clicking into place . I deeply felt Sylvia's pain and the targeting - the horrible sadistic targeting that drove a woman to torture Sylvia and numbed everyone who should have helped to save her, instead of joining in. (This movie also triggered some of my own old pains of being a targeted young teenager.*)
    Please watch this movie, read www.targetedinamerica.com and help break the silence that continues to protect the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of individuals and families. Can those of you, who help perform ANY LEVEL of the covert or technological targeting, watch this sweet innocent girl being tortured and continue or remain silent like those who helped to torture and kill her did? Can you care? Do you really want to work for, or silently support, people who are capable of instigating the cruel torturing of defenseless children? Do you realize how much you are hurting us, even when your role in it is milder and more inconspicuous? How many other targeted individuals and families continue being either hurt or numbed into carelessness or blind disbelief?

An American Crime


    Most targeted people do not experience (or perform) the extreme levels of torture that those in Sylvia's situation did. Some of us are more slowly and less obviously tortured for decades, literal decades. . .and this hurts indescribably too. When will the sadistic technological and pharmaceutical targeting be fully exposed? When will the lethal silence that supports the continuation of the targetings be broken? When will these holocaustal crimes be stopped? When will the hell end? When? My own pain needs to know. When? Ironically the song in the following video says,

"Tell me why does it have to be like this. Tell me why. Is there something I have missed? Tell me why, 'cause I don't understand, when somebody needs somebody we don't give a helping hand. Tell me why"

The answer is technological and pharmaceutical mind control targeting.
And the solution is to defy the lethal rules and break the silence.

Sylvia Likens' Story and the song, "Tell me why..."


     * The movie about Sylvia's torture and murder triggered some of the pain I experienced in my own childhood and since then. Though my situation can not really be compared to Silvia's, because it has not been nearly as bad, I can relate to Sylvia's pain in many ways. My case is a lot milder but has lasted for much longer and the physical torture I experience is mostly from laser and microwave weapons attacks. For me the worst part of the torture has been the silence - the fact that people know I am suffering and am experiencing round after round of being physically tortured. . .and they just silently let it continue. I feel the pain of the silence every time I get tortured. At times like last year when I was painfully tortured (for hours at a time) 11 days in a row - literally every time I spoke, it was the silence and its void of help that hurt the most. Since I have realized the numbing effects of the technological mind control, and the manipulations that make it look like I am just faking it...etc., I sometimes I also feel for those who would help, but are prevented from doing so.
    When I was between the ages of 11 and 15 I experienced rounds of severe asthma attacks and a painful untreated hernia, which I now believe were both microwave induced. I remember a night when I sat on the edge of my bed deeply struggling to draw in and push out every labored, wheezing breath. . .I remember feeling scared and being yelled at by my sister who later started throwing shoes at me, in order to get me to leave our bedroom so that she could sleep. . .and then going down stairs where my mother yelled at me to go back upstairs because my wheezing in the far corner of the living room was keeping her awake. I remember many nights of curling up in the corner of dark rooms, trying to not wheeze too loud or cry too loud so that my suffering would not disturb them. Words cannot describe the pain I felt. There were times when I literally felt like I was going to die in a house filled with loved ones who didn't want to be disturbed by my suffering and couldn't care to help me. I'm now sure that they did not realize how bad it was for me. The ongoing lack of help from my family became less painful after I realized that they were technological mind control victims who were not allowed to realize how bad things were for me. This does not mean that I never got helped by them. There were times when I did. And I had a neighbor and friends who later filled the gaps. But this does not make the tough times hurt any less. Since I watched the movie, some of the tears I'm shedding are for me and my loved ones. But my initial tears were for Sylvia. I'm glad she is now free.

P.S. I have been seperate from my family of origin through most of my adult life. And the targeting has continued to instigate rounds of various types of torture and neglect. Its an ongoing pattern. Again, this does not mean that I never get help. But, since I realized that I am being targeted, I have, of course, yearned for it to stop and it hasn’t yet. And the tortures are still not acknowledged by anyone whom I know. I was being technologically tortured and covertly threatened the morning after my initial posting of this article on my blog. I experienced a mild weapon attack to my brain for crying after I watched the movie. My writings were being altered in my initial posts of this article. And in the next two days I experienced a few sudden inflictions of pain, including a laser burn on my arm, and my computer malfunctioning as I edit and try to repost this on my blog and in youtube comments. I also experienced vamp ups in the lasering of my brain and left lung/chest area and then the back of my neck as I added these torture experiences to this article. At one point they lasered my pubic area and then slammed a door when I itched the discomfort, as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. The severe remotely inflicted violations to my private area has been an ongoing daily torture since the fall of 2013 and is, in itself, so horrible that I honestly do not know how much longer I can take it. They try to disguise it with other forms of inflictions like chemicals on toilet paper and morgolones in that area, but the lasering happens too. The combination is an agitating hell that most people probably can not even imagine having to deal with for even just one day and I have had to deal with it literally every day for over two years now...and this is only one part of the tortures I experience. I am still being tortured in various ways and I am still degraded or judged if say anything about it - if I "complain." And I still go through days when I do not know how much longer I can survive it and if I will ever be genuinely and fully protected or safe.

February 3, 2016; Vision of a World With Heart

Vision of a World With Heart

January 19, 2016; Tribute to America

I made this new page out of my wish for America, and the rest of humanity, to regain the freedom we had before the technological and pharmaceutical targeting.

Tribute to America

January 11, 2016; Restoration of old "Covert War" Page

I have returned this page to its original state but added a larger quote by JFK. Please share this information.

December 10, 2015; A Call for Informing and Protecting, Instead of Fighting

Please Foreward this Report to Appropriate Officials;

   I feel that, until criminal use of the technologies can be stopped, the solution for the mind control part of the targeting is in informing and genuinely protecting instead of blaming and fighting. And I pray that this starts happening between countries and governments so that the covert war can end and officials can aim toward saving the rest of humanity.
   I still feel that the technological mind control is at the core of most of the problems we face in our world through the past several decades. I pray that citizens will soon be informed of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting so they can at least have the opportunity to listen to their Hearts above what is projected into their minds. I pray for modes of protection THAT ARE NOT SLY ENSLAVEMENT like the covert "rescue," - I pray for modes of Un-filtered and un-manipulated detection and protection to become available to ALL who need it. If these things can not quickly happen disabling the technologies may be the only way to set humanity free. God help us all.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
stand up - banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom.

Newly revised page on Agenda 21

    Recent Alterations to my Writings; My computers are still infiltrated and I even experience interference on library computers. I have recently found three alterations in my writings; The word "not" was erased from this statement in this report, “that they can NOT be viewed as coincidence" in this report,
    In my plea for government help, in one of my books, I had written, "Please expose the covert program, and its recruiting process, so that enslaved mind control victims can be set free. Please acknowledge what is happening to Targeted Individuals so that victims and their loved ones can understand what is happening to them," and the first line was altered to, "Please expose the covert program so that we can be set free," which suggests that I am in the program. And the date on the year that Daniel Nadeau died had been changed from 2015 to 2014 in my blog post.
    This whole situation is more difficult than words can say, literally. And I do not know what other alterations are made. It is impossible for me to keep combing through my writings and sometimes things can be erased that I do not even pick up on...etc. This all feels just too horrible and wrong. Not only am I being heavily targeted, and prevented from doing good and accurate reports to beg for help, but those who target me also appear to be trying to make it look like I am one of them. I am concerned that these, along with other manipulations, have been preventing help from reaching not only me but also many others who are being targeted in similar ways. I pray for the Truths to break through the manipulations and for this hell to end for all of us.

November 13, 2015; Dr. A Legitimate Concern Reiterated

    With the field of psychiatry being used to help perform the part of the targeting that forces people to take mind altering pharmaceuticals after inflicting false “mental illness” labels, which can also lead to the loss of rights through being declared “incompetent,” there is a grave danger for Targeted Individuals – a danger that could have worse results than a physical death. This makes it scary to even report the crimes to places that are trained to direct us toward a psychiatrist, in order to prove our sanity - prove that the targeting is really happening. Heavy long term technological targeting can be scientifically provable. Clearly, the most effective method of proving the technological part of these crimes is through honest medical tests for radiation, cell structure damage, brain damage…etc. And I pray that more people start realizing this.

P.S. I believe that a persons words can actually be altered in videos. I pray that this does not happen.

November 12, 2015; Dr. Paula Caplan on the dangers of false "mental illness" labels

    The links to this video have been repeatedly broken on my website. So I finally did my own recording of her recording. I'm sorry for its poor quality. But the information she gives us is critically important.

P.S. A video, that exposed Tesla'a experiments (in the late 1800s and early 1900s) on the effects of radio waves on the human brain and body, has been removed from the web!

November 6, 2015; Crop Circles - Electromagnetics - Mathematical Messages

    Today, while doing my laundry, I watched a documentary on the History channel about crop circles. I was surprised to hear scientists say that they have now found evidence of the authentic ones being created, from the sky, with microwaves - electromagnetic technologies. This was proven through tests on the stalks of the plants and radiation found in the soil...etc. These are the same sorts of weapons that are used to perform the technological part of the targeting of people.

    It has also been reported that mathematicians are now finding binary code messages within the designs. One of those messages is reported to say, "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception." I believe that this may also be related to the targeting. Is it possible that the "gift," which this message referred to, was some sort of protection from the technological targeting and the "deception" was that it was really an enslavement? I know this is a long shot, but I can't help but wonder, because I feel that this has really happened - that the protection and rescue are the enslavement.

    Like most things connected to the targeting, it can be difficult to find good, solid scientific proof on the web. . .and it often seems to be surrounded by things that can discredit it - things that most people would find unbelievable, like alien and UFO theories. I believe that the microwave targeting is being done by human beings.

P.S. I am experiencing sharp pains in my chest since directly after I posted this. It feels like the usual threatening, lasering that mimics heart attack symptoms. The pains lasted for an hour or more and then stopped. They seemed to be a threat to not post this.

October 13, 2015; For the Targeted Children

September 30, 2015; New Videos by me

On the Enslavement of Humanity

September 11, 2015; A New Paper Inspired by the "Peace Pole Project"

For World Peace

August 29, 2015; To Set Love Free

    What helps to keep me going, while being targeted, is the process of holding onto my vision of citizens, around the globe, being fully informed of the enslavement, mind control...etc., - of citizens being given the opportunity to resist the darkness, and let our Hearts pull together to openly talk about what we are faced with and support each other through it.

The Sun will rise for all of humanity
As we ambrace our Hearts and set Love free.

    I have not done very well. But I have been doing my best to embrace my heart as I stumble through the chaos and tortures that I am being inflicted with. It is here in my writings. . .between the fight and confusion. . .a heart that stumbles under too much weight. . .a heart that aims to expose the targeting and reach those who can do more. . .a breaking heart that is begging humanity to stand up and save itself, because none of us can do this alone. Please hear my plea. We all need each other in ways that the silence is not allowing.

Please help break the silence so that Love can be set free.


August 10, 2015 Independence Day Plea

Please download and share this newly revised paper

July 4, 2015 Independence Day Plea

    I beg government officials, around the globe, to PLEASE publicly expose the covert program - stopping its rapid growth and freeing those who are unwittingly enslaved in it. Please take immediate actions to stop all criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons and satellite surveillance systems. Please protect from further harm, those of us who are being heavily targeted/tortured.
     Please do not allow the Heart and Soul of humanity to continue being destroyed by mind control technologies, their aiding pharmaceuticals and false "rescues" into human enslavement. Please also prevent the use of microwave weapons on the Earth and its atmosphere. Please restore Freedom and safety to all of humanity. Please!

June 25, 2015; The "Rebirth of the Reich" Happened a Long Time Ago

    I just found an interesting "Death Ray" connection between Nikola Tesla's work and the research of Bernhard Schreiber in "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world."

    On July 11, 1934 New York Times reported that Tesla invented the "Death Ray" - a particle beam weapon. Tesla had experimented with the effects of shooting radio waves into the body as well as into the atmosphere as he invented technologies, which included particle beam (laser) weapons, radio wave transmissions of sound, X-ray machines and weather modification technologies.

The start of a Technological Holocaust?

    In part of Schreiber's book, which appears to have been erased, he had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, in 1944 - after Hitler's Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich." Quote by Schreiber; "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state." Below is my previous post on the "Death Ray," which I was tortured for writing. I was also tortured when I found Dr Thomas Szasz around this same time in December of 2014.

Dr. Geobbels's Mystery Weapon

That "Rebirth of the Reich" happened a long time
ago and is in full swing and people need to know.

    I began being tortured this morning as I started pulling this post together in my mind. And my computer has been freezing up and shutting down as I post this a little bit at a time. It feels clear to me that we are in the middle of the third reich, but it is being performed with a lethal silence, which pits citizens against governments and governments against citizens as well as family members against each. . .as well as using weather modification as a weapon against masses of people...etc. It truly is evil and destructive and deadly and is in desperate need of being exposed so that people can understand and pull together to support each other until it is stopped and freedom is restored to humanity.

    I recently watched this film, where a Syrian woman had stated that the government and citizens were being pitted against each other. Then when I watched it again, to quote that part, it appears to have been clipped out. This is odd. Did I imagine it? I don't think so. But who would want to hide what is happening when the silence supports it and keeps people in a state of fear and anger and fighting each other. . .or in a confused state of feeling that something is horribly wrong, but not understanding what it is.
    Though the statement appears to have been erased from this video, it lingers in my mind as a confirmation for what I've been sensing. I have no doubt that this "pitting" is happening in the USA, and other countries, as well as in Syria with the use of technological mind control and its supporting enslavement process, which people are being convinced is a mode of protection or escape from the targeting. I deeply feel that public and government awareness is the first step toward stopping its lethal aim for complete control, and the destruction of all that is good and free, while inflicting pain, discord and fear. (I recently sent this information to government officials...etc., but do not know if it even stood a chance to reach anyone. Please help forward it to everyone you know, especially government officials.)

"It Changed Everything" - Drought and Revolution

Never, in the history of humanity, has
There been a more critical time for the
Heart of citizens and governments to
Pull together in a stand for Freedom.

June 21, 2015; A New Page on Nikola Tesla

    Tesla was a gifted inventer who followed his visions and dreams in an era that often could not understand his genious. He is reported to have had good intentions with his inventions, which were obviously not shared by everyone who has used and improved upon them.

    On July 11, 1934 New York Times is reported to have stated that Tesla invented the "Death Ray" - a particle beam weapon. Tesla had experimented with the effects of shooting radio waves into the body as well as into the atmosphere as he invented technologies, which included particle beam (laser) weapons, radio wave trasnsmissions of sound and Xray machines like the MRI. The medical field, as well as governments and private organizations, had an interest in his inventions. It is not at all unreasonable to assume that they have been being improved upon since then and that illegal experiments, with the effect of radio waves on the human brain and other body parts, have been being performed since around 1934.

Nikola Tesla

June 21, 2015; Plea to Global Governments

    I beg government officials, around the globe, to PLEASE not allow the Heart and Soul of humanity to continue being destroyed by mind control technologies, their aiding pharmaceuticals and "rescues" into human enslavement. Please do all that you can to restore Freedom for yourselves as well as the rest of humanity. 

God Help Humanity

June 17, 2015; "There Are People Dieing. . ."

     Worse than a physical death is the type of death that is taking place in the Heart and Soul of every long term mind control victim. The lasering or microwaving of people's brains, for the purpose of either torturing or controlling them, are horrible holocaustal crimes, which are in desperate need of being exposed so that they can be stopped and Freedom can be restored for all of humanity.

Please Let Your Heart Care

     My writings have a heavy focus on the mind control and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, because I feel that it is the core problem, which is at the root of most other problems we face in our troubled world. It is not only hurting us, but is also preventing help from reaching us. I feel that it is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face and is in desperate need of being immediately exposed and stopped for the future safety of all of humanity.

Please Stand Up for Humanity

    I am begging, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for leaders of every nation, to PLEASE expose and stop criminal use of all sorts of microwave weapons, especially those used for mind control. Please don't let the weapons, or the silence that supports their criminal use, to continue hurting us. I believe that many of you are unaware victims as well. In standing up for us you are also standing up for yourselves and your loved ones.

Please Stop the Covert War

    I am also begging every member of the covert operations, which are used to help target us, to please step out and stand up. I believe that many of you are mind control victims who are being used by people who are destroying your Freedom as well as ours. Please stand up for your own future as well as the rest of humanity.

Please Stand Up for Freedom From Mind Control

June 6, 2015 - Please Pray With Me;

    Please pray for Light to surround the leaders of every nation and government agency until officials are able to safely stand up and fully expose the criminal covert operation and its targeting of humanity, so that it can stop growing and those who are enslaved can gain an understanding of what they are being used for and have the opportunity to regain their Freedom; for criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies, and the pharmaceuticals that aid their success, to be exposed and stopped; for all mind control victims to receive needed validation and regain the Freedom to naturally think, feel and grow; for those of us who are being technologically and psychologically tortured to be protected from further harm and have a chance to recover and rebuild our lives; for the covert war to end - for the Heart and Soul of humanity to move into a place of recovery - for  Love and Light to banish the dark.

Gods hands work through our Hearts.
We must do our part.

    If there is nothing else you can do, please pray. If there are other things you can do, please pray as well. Visualize the Light of God shining around the globe. . .chasing out the dark until all is being restored.

May 28, 2015 - A Call for Proper Testing;

     Many may question how we can know if our pain is natural or technologically induced. Heavily targeted victims - those of us who also experience covert harassment (gang stalking) are sometimes taunted by our abusers, who actually let us know what they are doing, in the form of covert threats before the technological attacks happen. We KNOW that we are being attacked, with microwave and laser weapons, and we need you to at least give us the benefit of your understandable doubt unless it is proven to not be true, through honest medical testing for cell structure damage...etc., and radio wave detection technologies. . .and NOT through having to prove our sanity through psychiatric tests and harmful pharmaceuticals, which have been pushed upon heavily Targeted Individuals, in order to determine if the symptoms are from mental illness or not. The medicating can not result in an accurate determination, because those who target us can just back off as soon as the drugs and "mental illness" labels have been applied. The psychiatric drugs actually aid the mind control part of the targeting. The whole process of falsely labeling/discrediting and medicating victims is part of the targeting process, although it may be sometimes unwittingly carried out by people who are not aware of the most sly parts of the targeting and its goals to disable and discredit us...etc.
    There are technologies, which can detect or block microwave weapon intrusions. But possession of the blockers is illegal in most countries. And I have read a professional report, which stated concern about new detection technologies possibly having a filter built into them, which prevents detection of the low frequencies, which are used for the mind control part of the targeting.

    Putting us into positions where we have to prove our sanity, through psychiatric evaluations, which can be technologically or otherwise interfered with, merely adds to our distress at a time when we need the opposite. The parts of psychiatry, which blindly follow the DSM, have been exposed as being corrupt by honest psychiatrists.
     According to microwave experts, medical and technological testing can prove the targeting. And this is what we need. Please stand with us against the crimes and aims to discredit us with psychiatric evaluations and disable us with psychiatric pharmaceuticals. We are in desperate need of honest protection from further targeting and distress. Please help us.

May 22, 2015 - Updated "Weapons" page and New "Personal Growth" Page;

Microwave and Laser Weapons

Personal Growth - A Precious Gift

May 19, 2015 - A Biblical Forewarning Awaiting Prevention;

    The whole covert targeting process of pitting family members against each other is probably the most excruciating part of the targeting that many of us are experiencing. The same thing appears to be happening on a larger scale, with government and citizens being pitted against each other, especially here in America. I believe that most of it is being done with mind control technologies, which are aided by pharmaceuticals that are being forced upon humanity in a variety of ways.

    We have been forewarned of this destructive process, of dark forces pitting family members against each other, through the Christian bible as well as other sources. I feel that forewarnings are for prevention and that this one is long over due.  I feel that we are being called to stand up and save the Heart and Soul of humanity from further technological targeting.


     Perhaps part of the problem, with the right government officials not yet standing up for us, is the possibility of new microwave detection technologies having a filter built into them, which prevents the detection of the frequencies of microwaves, which are used for mind control. Perhaps the extent of the technologically inflicted mind control is not as well known as it needs to be. And the secrecy is aided through witnesses and victims, like myself, being threatened and tortured into exposing only the "gang stalking" instead of the more destructive, and more easily proven, technological parts of the targeting.

     Please do all that you can to expose and stop the lethal technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity. . .not only to stop the damage that is being inflicted, but to also allow the understanding, which is needed for victims to fully recover.

May 11, 2015 - Break the Chains of Secrecy;

    Judging by my experiences and insights. . .those who do the technological targeting thrive in, and succeed with, covert secrecy and keeping heavily Targeted Individuals separate from all genuine sources of help.

Please Break the Chains of Secrecy and Save Our Lives

     I pray that the chains of secrecy, which support torturous technological targeting, pharmaceutical harm, covert harassment and human enslavement are soon shattered, the crimes stopped and recovery beginning. I pray that people around the globe, especially those who hold influential government and media positions, quickly pull together in groups and let their Hearts openly stand up against these crimes for those of us who are being harmed. . .ultimately for all of humanity.

     I pray that, if criminal use of microwave and laser weapons can not be quickly stopped, they be somehow disabled. The destruction, pain and torture, that many of us are experiencing, is just too horrible and wrong to be allowed to continue and grow. For the sake of all of humanity, please help bringing this holocaust to an end. Please.

Please Help Stop These Crimes, Before its Too Late for Too Many.

May 2, 2015 - Please Help Stop the Covert War and Technological Mind Control;

Around the hell, that Targeted Individuals experience, a covert war rages. Its darkness is immense and its victims are not only inside its perimeter (on ALL sides) but also on the sidelines where innocent, defenseless and unaware people are being hurt or destroyed by the darkest of forces. . .which seem to control it ALL.

And this is what keeps it growing and succeeding

March 15, 2015 - Updated Article on Psychiatry Connection. . .;


March 12, 2015 - Important New Statement on "Government Gang Stalking";

Most Targeted Individuals seem to think that we are just unfortunate people who have been plugged into some sort of government hit list for terrorists. This is understandable, because it is obvious that some government employees are involved in the targeting and none have openly acknowledged these crimes. But some of my experiences are leading me to believe that the core of the program, which is targeting us, has merely infiltrated parts of our government and want to manipulate citizens into blaming only the USA government - they appear to be connected to the same force that has been covertly infiltrating the USA since around the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I feel that there are good parts of our government, which are working on fixing this problem and I pray that that goodness grows very quickly.

I am deeply concerned that too many people are being recruited into the dark covert program due to a lack of awareness and freely used mind control technologies. . .and victims who refuse to join continue being tortured. . .and that it ALL needs to be exposed and stopped in order to regain our Freedom.

Freely Download the Heart Bud Paper

Feb 21, 2015 - Updated Article on the Targeting of Humanity;

Connecting the Dots Between False "Depression" and other Mental Illness Labels,
Harmful Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals, Microwave Targeting and Eugenics;

Download a PDF of this article
(Previous page; www.targetedinamerica.com/psychiatry.pdf)

Please help spread the word as quickly as possible.

Feb 20, 2015 - Gulf War Syndrome = Microwave Targeting?;

    Is it a coincidence that "Gulf War Syndrome" symptoms mimic that of microwave targeting?

Read the full article on this page;
Gulf War Syndrome

Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage by Kelly Kennedy, USA TODAY

Do the microwaves cause testable brain damage? According to Tim Rifat the microwaving causes certain types of cell structure damage that can be detected with proper medical testing. It is my understanding that the drugs used to enhance mind control technologies, can be detected through tests run on our hair. But the big question is. . .does anyone care to honestly test us and protect us from further harm?

Feb 5, 2015 - A VERY Important Article Which Connects the Dots Between Microwave Targeting, False Mental Illness Diagnosis and Harmful Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals;


Feb 3, 2015 - ON Microwave Weapons and Mental Illness;

Please Print and Share this Paper:

    In this video British microwave expert, General Barrie Trower describes microwave weapons and their use since the 1950s. He explains them as working in the same ways that the Russian SURA and American HAARP work, by bouncing microwaves off of the ionosphere in order to reach a target anywhere in the world.
    On the subject of their use on human beings Trower says, "By changing the pulse frequency... of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain. . . you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illness."

    Is it a coincidence that the field of psychiatry is suspected, in Bernard Schreiber's research, to be involved in a continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler's holocaust. . .that, according to General Barrie Trower, microwave weapons began perfecting their ability to remotely inflict symptoms that mimic "mental Illness" in targeted individuals in the 1950s. . .that the field of psychiatry was making shifts from Freudian methods to medicatable "mental Illness" diagnosis in the 1950s. . .and then (thank God) along came people like jewish Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz to stand up for humanity against what he classified as false "mental illness" labels?
     And interesting paper, which should interest Targeted Individuals who are being inflicted with V2k. Ironically the paper is entitled, "Being Sane in an Insane Place..."

Video of Trower talking about microwave weapons and their effect on human victims.

Read a more complete article;

P.S. There are, of course, those who want to hide this. . .but thank God not everyone. . .because what would happen to humanity if everyone hid the crimes and left the victims to suffer? Those who help to hide these crimes could be the next batch of victims, so I hope they develop care for themselves if not for the rest of humanity.

New page on microwave weapons;

Jan 19, 2015 - Letter written to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights;

This is a MUST READ for every American Citizen

Jan 9, 2015; Our Only Enemy;

I wish for all who engage in this covert war to find the Heart to stop the targeting of fellow citizens and stand up for what is right. . .for your own sakes as well as that of all of humanity.

Dec 21, 2014; Freely Download Technological Holocaust Book;

FREE Download

This NEW edition is a good introduction to things that EVERY citizen, around the globe, should realize. It strives to expose covert harassment programs, the plight of Targeted Individuals, criminal use of satellite surveillance systems and radio wave technologies - microwave weapons...etc.

    This book grew from material I had published on the web, and in printed papers, from September 2011 to now.

Dec 19, 2014; Dr. Paul Joseph Geobbels's Mystery Weapon?;

    In a book called, "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world," Bernhard Schreiber exposed the field of psychiatry as being connected to an ongoing holocaust. He wrote, "Hitler was an evil man and no one would want to assert that he was not responsible for the things that happened in Germany, but in blaming Hitler for all the evils one is overlooking a considerable number of those who are truly responsible, people who are being allowed to pursue their course to similar ends all over again - nothing to stop them."
    In another part of his book, which appears to have been erased, Schreiber had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, in 1944 - after Hitler's Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich."  The fact that this statement was erased has great significance, because it shows us what is being hidden.
    However Schreiber's conclusion, where he tried to figure out what the weapon was, remains at the end of his book. He wrote, "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state."

      My instincts are telling me that this mystery weapon, which Geobbels boasted of in 1944, is microwave weapons that are capable of inflicting a "psychiatric slave state" through shooting beams of radio waves into the brains of human beings, especially when pharmaceuticals are added to the equation. . .as I have been saying all along. Microwave weapons are also capable of inconspicuous murder. According to British General Barre Trower, microwave weapons can remotely inflict terminal illnesses like leukemia, diabetes, cancer...etc., at the flick of a switch. And I have believed, since 2006, that Lupus is caused by energy being directed at people. Again. . . I now believe that that energy is microwaves.

P.S. As for mental health field (Which I have worked in). . .I have felt something horribly wrong with the pushing of pharmaceuticals instead of offering encouragement for people to face and recover from issues...etc. This book may be an interesting one to read... The Manufacture of Madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement by Thomas Stephen Szasz

I was lasered when I found Dr. Szasz's "Myth of Mental Illness". It must have significance to those who target me/us.

Dec 17, 2014; New Gang Stalking Article;

This one more accurately portrays what I sense is happening

"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, secret oaths and secret proceedings." ~ John F. Kennedy

God Help America

Dec 13, 2014; Humanity Needs YOUR Help;

I feel deeply concerned that infiltrated covert operations are growing instead of stopping. Without public awareness of the deceitful recruiting process and technological mind control there seems little hope for it to ever end. I believe that, due to advancements in microwave weapons, since at least the 1970s, and growing criminal use (especially of the mind control part), we are now faced with a critical situation that posses a serious threat to all of humanity.

If heavily targeted witnesses, like myself, continue to be falsely labeled as "mentally ill," instead of being believed and protected, the threat extends beyond our own crumbling health and into all of humanity. But you can pick up the slack. All of humanity is in deep need of your help to expose and stop the growth of infiltrated covert operations and technological crimes that are controlling and harming increasing numbers of people since at least the 1950s.

Please do all that you can to help expose and stop these crimes. Please print and pass out this paper or make one of your own.


Dec 13, 2014; From Blame to Forgivenes. . .and Peace?

    Like I have previously expressed, as I realize more about what is happening in this covert technological war, I also realize how important it is to remain objective and help aid a resolution instead of leaping to place blame.

    I have repeatedly aimed to find the Truths and point a finger at the primary perpetrators, with the hope of this ending the hell that many of us are experiencing. . .and help save all of humanity from the continuation and growth of the harm and control that criminal use of radio wave technologies are inflicting upon us. And I am still grappling with this. My mind wants to know but my heart says that I can't fully know, while being targeted. . .and its up to government and human rights agencies to bring this to an end.
    But many will balk at this because. . .well. . .then there's those who think that the governments are doing all the targeting in this war that must have begun around 1953 when CIA's Allen Dulles is reported (in an article by Phillip Coppens) to have stated that "the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare. . ."
    There is much confusion as to which country is doing what. British General Barrie Trower claims that the British were the leading experts on microwave weapons. Russia was obviously ahead of the USA with the construction of the SURA. Other countries are reported to be utilizing microwave weapons. I recently read a report that the USA has since surpassed them all. I feel certain that microwave weapons are being used by some sort of dark/satanic occult that probably has members in all countries. And the weapons may be evolving into things that we are not aware of.

    The bottom line is that it is more than likely that most countries have been involved in using microwave weapons to either target others and/or in aims to preserve our precious Freedom. All have probably made mistakes. And our only hope for it to end is to stop blaming "the government" and start forgiving so that unhealthy pride and defense can be replaced by aims to stop the crimes. . .and hope for Peace can arise for ALL our sakes.

As I struggle to turn my past mistakes into more objective statements, while being microwaved, I am realized that I can not do this perfectly under such conditions. So, I ask that (while you read my writings) please hold onto an objectivity, that they have not always contained, so that you can gain a better perspective.

In the grandest scheme of things. . .humanity has foolishly made some horrible mistakes. We are all at fault. And we are ALL responsible for fixing them and bringing peace and healing into our crumbling world.

I have a vision of government and citizens holding hands in a successful stand for FREEDOM from all sorts of technological targeting. And I want to hold onto it.

Nov 17, 2014; (updated on the 20th) Is the rescue really the enslavement?

I hope you search hard for the honest answer to this question. Nothing is as it seems in this covert war. I pray that soon. . .it will be pulled out of the closets so that we can start regaining our freedom and hope for humanity to be saved from technological control.

    I believe that the covert "rescue" for Targeted Individuals, as well as others, is a deceitful enslavement process, which most people are probably not even aware of. I feel that the deceitful part of the covert program will not become fully evident until it is too late for humanity to escape. . .so people need to listen to their instincts NOW.
    Could I be wrong about this? Perhaps. But I need to listen to what my heart is telling me above all else. . .and my heart is telling me that the covert "rescue" will merely force us into a more comfortable (but still controlled) part of the SAME program that is targetings us. And I pray that at least SOME of the right people grow to realize this and stop the covert program from continuing and growing for the preservation of all of humanity.
    People who think they are protected or are following a good program are actually enslaved without even realizing it. How horribly sad is that? If they knew most of them would not follow it. I wish they knew.

Nov 5, 2014; Please Stop Blaming Obama;

    I do not follow the political news, but I try to listen to my instincts between psychotronic and microwave weapon attacks...etc. And I feel that the program, which is destroying our freedom, was in place and rapidly growing LONG before Obama took office. I feel that, if things keep going as they are, Obama will be used as the "fall guy" for a covert operation that has been taking over the USA through the past several decades.
    Obama is in a horrible position. I can not even imagine being in his shoes. He is at a critical crossroad that appears to be surrounded by greater dangers than the one JFK found the courage to stand up in. (Think about this.)
    I feel that the success of the covert take-over of the USA, and the destruction of our freedom, is greatly fueled by mind control technologies, and the secrecy that surrounds ALL aspects of this crisis, as well as the covert recruiting of citizens, who are being inconspicuously used to help with the destruction process.
    I feel that most of the people who are recruited into the covert program would probably not have been roped in if they knew what they are being lead by - if they knew that the program is either infiltrated by or slyly run by those who target us and are taking over the USA.
    Aside from the secrecy, the manipulations set up to hide the Truths and place blame on the wrong people or countries, also aides the success of this program. So, if you care to help retain our freedom, save our country and ultimately all of humanity from complete enslavement. please STOP BLAMING and PULL GROUPS TOGETHER INTO PEACEFUL STANDS AGAINST IT and DO NOT JOIN THE COVERT OPERATION.

Oct 15, 2014; The Recruiting Processes (VERY IMPORTANT!);


Aug 29, 2014; Calling All Hearts

Please Print and Pass Out This One Page Paper

Aug 27, 2014; I pledge allegiance;


August 17, 2014; Revised "Public Notice" paper;
(This little paper was orininally printed in April 24, 2012)

July 22, 2014; Public Writing of the new "Targeted in America" Book;

I'd originally entitled this the "Covert Puzzle" and may return to this title.

In this book my focus is on (not yet shared) personal experiences with being targeted. From the end of 2011 to 2014, I've been searching for information on web, in order to provide proof that the targeting is happening, and gain hope that enough people would realize what is happening and help bring it to an end. This seems to have failed due to my desperation sharing some links to the confusing array of misinformation that has been floating around the web. There have been times when, like a drowning swimmer, I have groped for answers - any answer that could offer hope for the targeting to be exposed and stopped. And I have sometimes found the wrong answers. But I have realized that, even if I posted a thousand genuine links to accurate proof that this targeting is happening, it still does not prove that it is happening to me or any of the dozens of victims I know. So, I am aiming to share deeper levels of my own personal experiences with being targeted. And this is what this book is about. I hope it helps all of us.

>July 22, 2014; Surveillance Prison;

A new article; Surveillance Prison

>June 20, 2014; A LITTLE REMINDER;

     The worst perpetrators of this Technological Holocaust are masters at deceptive set ups for blame to be placed on innocent people or nations and we must be VERY careful to not continue falling into their traps. (Like I have on a few occcasions) It appears that we are being literally brainwashed into blaming only the USA, and this alone should tell us something.
    I believe that, though PARTS of the USA government (and/or its sub agencies) may be involved, other parts are victims. Among those who are most advanced, with radio wave technologies being used for mind control, are the Russians and the British. (There is documented history, dating back to the 1960s , of Russia's bombardments of the USA with radio waves. And it is now being exposed, ever so slowly, that they were/are for the purpose of brainwashing.)
    I think that criminal use of radio wave and surveillance technologies has now run so far out of control that there are different groups targeting different people or nations for different reasons. The targetings appear to have roots in communism, secret societies and dark occults/religions. (This is what my experiences are telling me.)

And I feel that this is a crisis, which is in desperate need of FAR MORE awareness and attention, because it is sure to effect all of humanity if it is allowed to continue and grow.

Please print and share the pages and downloads on this site, in case I reach a point where I can not keep it up and running, because I have been experiencing what appears to be covert threats as well as interference with and alterings of my writings.

May 30, 2014; "THE President and the Press" on Covert War & Secret Societies


March 14, 2014: Special Editions of the Heart Bud

Sight of the Heart Bud

February 2, 2014: I am in the process of cleaning up this site:
The disinformation that is being fed to us is immense! And it is difficult, to say the least, to figure out what is and is not true while being targeted. But I'm doing the best I can and am again deleting some things and adding others that I feel give more accurate information.

I have also been struggling with invasions of my computers and websites, and alterings of my writings. The following statements have been being erased or altered in my writings:

"Around the year 2000 my concern shared a prophetic dream, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. By May of 2001, most of my pets were dead or missing, my daughters and I were suddenly surrounded by at least 5 unusual deaths, unbelievable levels of chaos and a suspicious fire in my home, which destroyed most of my writings...etc. Pieces to this puzzle are now clicking together. . . According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. ( I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In 2008, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 major public water supplies in the USA.

In January 2014 a secretary at a New Hampshire Environmental Protection Agency told me that these drugs are STILL being found in our public water supplies. I do not believe that its from "run off." PLEASE think about this and DO NOT STOP thinking about it until you feel/know the absolute Truth. Too much is at stake for it to be washed away with foolish assumptions or blind disbelief. Among other things, these drugs and radio wave intrusions are preventing our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. The consequences of allowing this to continue are too horrible to even think of. PLEASE listen to your Hearts and rise into a peaceful stand to regain our safety and freedom.

January 11, 2014: Misprint in the last two printings of the Heart Bud: The date on page 5, in the following phrase, was supposed to read 2008 instead of "the 1980s." "According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In the 1980s, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

Here is a revised copy of the fourth Heart Bud printing:
(This paper may undergo more improvements)

Due to interference this download, as well as others, will
sometimes only download on the second try, so please keep trying.

You are welcome to download it, print it, and make copies if you'd
like to share them with people whom I am not delivering them to.

January 7, 2014: Download the Fourth Heart Bud Printing:

(A few small changes have been made since the last printing, and since being posted
on the web. The Heart Bud is still helping to expose the Technological Holocaust.)

December 30, 2013 (9:20pm): Information paper:
The following paper is what I have been passing out to people. Please print it and do the same: www.targetedinamerica.com/infopaper.pdf FYI: the original creation of this paper has been destroyed in my computer.

December 27, 2013: The Devastating reality of remotely inflicted brain damage:
There appears to be an intentional aim to mutilate people's brains in ways that prevent spiritual/personal growth. . .with the remote utilization of advanced technologies. At this point in time we have no defense against what is being done to us! It has been shown to me that I am under the threat of being inflicted with brain damage or possibly a coma. So please know why. . .if my brain is suddenly damaged in any way. If I am perceiving my insights correctly, there is a "mad scientist" part of this targeting, which experiments on human beings in ways that are literally unbelievable! Some of this is worse than a physical death!

The remote technological targeting of humanity is a SERIOUS crisis that is in deep need of IMMEDIATE attention! Victims are in desperate need of protection. Please help us.

June 10, 2013: Message to Human Rights Activists:
Resolution can only begin when the genuine ROOT CAUSE of the problem is exposed. In blaming only the USA government, for the technological targeting, we may be throwing away the only chance we have to remedy this Technological Holocaust. PLEASE rethink your strategies.

June, 1, 2013: Free book:
Freely download book of sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com:

(Update; Look for newer versions on my blog


This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.