Help for Targeted Individuals

If you are a Targeted Individual who is searching the web for help you are probably being surrounded by confusing misinformation. Unfortunately there is not much authentic help on web and most of us fight this battle alone. BUT THERE IS HOPE. YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY ALONE. WE STAND ALONE. . .TOGETHER.

Click Here for Help With Morgellons Disease

(I made this video for us and watch it just to restore hope.)

Don't Give up

Don't ever think we will not escape,
Or that our rescue will remain too late.
Don't give them the power. Don't let them win.
Don't let hope fade. Don't give up again.
Cast aside their darkness and let the Light sing.
Climb up on their stones and raise your broken wing.

We are worth saving. WE ARE!

I'm sorry I can't put much here, because I am being so heavily targeted that figuring it out has been hard. But here's what I've learned thus far.

Love Yourself - You Do Not Deserve the Targeting
No matter what you have or have not done in your life, you do not deserve to be tortured and harassed. You deserve to be Loved and comforted and protected. Learn to give yourself the care you need, until our fellow human beings are able to be here for us.

BEWARE of the covert "rescue" and other methods of false help; I have experienced those who target me pretending to be help that is trying to covertly rescue me. (They call it "going home.") This "rescue" leads to complete enslavement. This "home" is with the perpetrators. Don't go. Hold onto the faith that someday genuine help with be here for us, openly and honestly. Be Aware of the perpetration pattern of zooming in to be the ones to "help" us in other ways as well. Always take time to think about offers of help and do the best you can to listen to your own instincts above all else.

CAREFUL not to respond to unofficial requests for lists of your witnesses and evidence, because this could lead to them being destroyed.

Listen to your HEART above all else
Heart over Mind is the #1 remedy. I know this can be next to impossible when we are being heavily hit. We are sure to be dooped when we are desperately groping for help and answers while our brains are being lasered and we are fed misinformation. Forgive yourself - forgive your mistakes and just do the best you can. And at least try to remain in a place of compassion for yourself and others instead of fear and anger, it will help preserve our sanity.

Creative visualizations help divert mind control invasions.
TIs should do as much creative visualization as possible.
    Visualization Example: Sit or lay in a comfortable, relaxed position. Take deep slow breaths. Imagine a protective blanket of pure white light wrapping itself around you. . .and beams of pure white Light streaming down from the heavens and into the top of your head and flowing down through your whole body. Imagine this light washing away all the darkness and radio wave intrusions. Imagine the Light filling you with Peace, protection, strength and Love. Don't forget to keep up the deep, slow, rhythmic breathing. You can enhance this with prayers and also by imagining Angels holding you in their arms. . .or whatever else you find comforting. If you have a hard time fulling visualizing. . .keep at it. It will eventually happen. The more you do this the better you will get at it. Doing some form of creative visualization as many times as you can within EVERY DAY. . .will help more than you can imagine. (Pun intended)

BEWARE of the peaceful music they recomend;
It can be used to help brainwash you. I had a horrible experience with this. Radio, the web and TV are also heavily used for covert messaging. Expose yourself to as little of it as possible.

Spend time in soothing natural environments;
Forests, brooks, lakes and the ocean can help restore your inner balance.

Drink a lot of PURE spring water
The microwaves dehydrate us. But beware of pharmaceuticals in water.

Talk to your Wisdom about not taking unnecessary pharmaceuticals
Mood altering drugs help technological mind control to be successful.

Hold tight to Hope and Faith
Your new mantra is "I will be OK." Say it over and over again. Someday, you will be OK. You will.

Let yourself cry and release the pain:
God knows we have a lot to cry about. Its OK to cry. (I just hope you do not get tortured for like I sometimes am.)

Keep a journal of what is happening to you:
Just be careful to not get so caught up in logging perpetration tactics that it consumes you. Sometimes the best protection is to ignore it. Write more about your feelings and less about them. This will help you to process and release some of it. Keep a list of date, time and place of the targeting I have not done a very good job with this, because denial had been my way of coping through many years. Now I find that I have to ignore as much as I can or go completely crazy. However, it does seem important to log as much as possible, without it consuming us, in case help ever arises for us.

Deep breath and remain calm when under attack; Slow deep breaths can help us tolerate the pain and lessen anxiety.

Imagine that you are not alone
This may sound a bit cooky, but please try it. On those days when your heart aches so much that you can hardly stand it. . .and you feel too painfully alone, sit or lay in a comfortable, private place, close your eyes and imagine that an Angel is holding you in hid or her arms. This Angel brings Love and a feeling of peace and comfort. If you are not spiritually based, imagine this Angel being a loved one from your past - someone whom you felt loved and comforted by. Let in that Love. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Pray to a Higher Power for help:
I have found it effective to pray out loud for Love and Light to protect me and also flow into those who are attacking me. It doesn't matter what religion you may belong to, if any. Just try to know, in your Heart, that there is goodness in our world, which wants to comfort us and stop the crimes from continuing. Someday it will.

Physical Protection?
I've found that showers sometimes bring temporary relief from microwaves/electromagnetic/psychotronic attacks to my brain.
    Lead and other materials can block some radio waves, but targeting can be vamped up to points that make it uncomfortable after it is removed. There seems no physical method of protection unless you are fortunate enough to be able to make or purchase a radio wave blocker. But all modes of protection are only temporary.
    The help we need is for criminal use of these technologies to be stopped - for humanity to be set free. The targeting needs to be openly exposed and stopped.

I understand that we are being instructed to remain silent so that we will not be forced into a false mental illness diagnosis. And, unfortunately is a True risk. However, remaining silent offers no chance for help at all. Talk, but just be careful how you say things and try to back it up with things written by other people. PRINT FLYERS AND PASS THEM OUT. LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU. . .INTO THE HEART OF HUMANITY.
    Start a blog or website, using the term "Targeted Individual" in the title and in search terms. In 2012 I had gotten emails, which advised us to not use the "Targeted Individual" term on the web. I believe that this merely hides us and the crimes and prevents us from getting help. Our perpetrators already know who we are and where we are and what we do. Its everyone else, and ourselves, that we need to make a public stand for. So start a blog or website. . .even if all it contains is one page that begs for help and explains a bit about what is happening to you.

Download, print and distribute a paper:

Write letters to government officials
Do not fall into that trap of blaming "the government." They appear to be being targeted too. There seems to be good and bad everywhere in this mess. My gut feeling has been that there is still good in our governments that has just not able to be here for us yet. Letters in every possible avenue for help can't hurt and may help.

Here is an example of one of my statements;

Be careful in web forums;
I've heard that some TIs find support on the web. But I have experienced heavy stalking in literally every web forum that I looked for support in. It hurt me more than it helped. I hope your experience is better.
    Try not to be too angry with the puppets - don't let them turn you into the lunatic that they often aim to portray us as. It has helped me to realize that the most of puppets are probably victims of mind control and this lessens my anger and even raises a bit of compassion for them. I hope we ALL regain our Freedom soon. Read the post I wrote on "the recruiting process";

Use the ORIGINAL Essiac formula
In the spring of 2007 I purchased the four herbs, made the formula, took 2 ounces twice a day and started healing from Lupus, which I believe was caused by radiation from microwave weapons. If you are a Targeted Individual, who is lucky enough to still have your own kitchen, it would greatly benefit you to use this Essiac remedy.

There are various formulas that are called Essiac. So be careful to aim for the original, which is reported to be far more effective.
(Most of the following information is from this site.)

Essiac tea was "inspired by an old Indian medicine man's formula," and is "a proven cure for cancer" as well as being known to produce positive results against lupus - radiation sickness, AIDS, diabetes and almost any other physical ailment. "The original tea combination can be purchased in the USA and Canada through or in the UK through" But I believe it is better when we make it ourselves. So here is the recipe. . .

6 1/2 cups of burdock root (chopped - about pea size)
1 pound of sheep sorrel herb (powdered with roots included)
1/4 pound of slippery elm bark (powdered)
1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root (powdered)

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and store in glass jar in dark dry cupboard. The mixture can be steeped to make a mild tea or processed into "the formula" for a stronger concoction. To make the tea: use 1 ounce of herb mixture to 32 ounces of water depending on the amount you want to make.

The original formula, which I found in a book, suggested a ratio of 5 cups of water to one cup of herbs and dosage was 2 oz twice a day and works best when joined with a healthy cleansing diet and a lot of pure clean spring water.

Boil hard for 10 minutes (covered) then turn off heat but leave sitting on warm plate over night (covered). In the morning heat steaming hot and let settle a few minutes, then strain through fine strainer into hot sterilized bottles and let cool. Store in dark cool cupboard. Must be refrigerated when opened.

I can understand that this may not be very consolling to those who are being literally tortured and are desperate for the hell to end. I wish I could give you more hope. I sometimes struggle to hold onto it myself. But I do feel that help will eventually arrive for us and that those who target humanity will be stopped. . .someday.

Read and share my websites;

My writings are sometimes interfered with or altered, so please listen
to only the Heart of your own instincts with mine as well as all others.

Don't Give up

Don't ever think we will not escape,
Or that our rescue will remain too late.
Don't give them the power. Don't let them win.
Don't let hope fade. Don't give up again.
Cast aside their darkness and let the Light sing.
Climb up on their stones and raise your broken wing.


We need you to let your heart find the courage
to stand WITH us instead of against us.

We also desperately need the following things from you:

Open Mindedness: Please do not foolishly ass-u-me that we are "mentally ill," because this adds to our distress at a time when we desperately need the opposite. Misdiagnosis severely adds to our psychological destruction, because it prevents us from getting the types of help that we desperately need and can destroy our trust in our own perceptions. And we should NOT be forced into positions where we have to prove our sanity on top of all else that we are going through! Its just too much. Please open your hearts and minds.

Understanding: Please educate yourselves as much as possible on the subject and practice empathy. We desperately need people to understand and support our fight to survive.

Compassion: Please care enough to listen and not judge, degrade or look down upon us. We need to know that you care.

Stand Up; Surround us with compassionate people who have the courage to make a stand against these crimes. This can offer some protection, because the organized stalkers do not want witnesses. I have begged for this from several aware people and they chose to stand with those who target us instead of me. Fear seems to be the worst enemy right now. And the mind control technologies are used to manipulate those who try to support us. Please let your heart find the strength and courage to bypass the manipulations and STAND UP WITH US.

Public Awareness: Research this and pass the word around ASAP. The more publicity there is, and the more people who stand up and speak out, the better the chances are of ending to these crimes.

Funding: A Targeted Individual who is near the end of the destruction process, is probably left with no home, no family to turn to, physical health problems and not enough resources for protection. (Like I have) This is when a unconditional financial help is deeply needed.

     Estranged family members, neighbors, friends and strangers of primary "Targeted Individuals", (especially medical, media, political and law enforcement professionals) are being called to find the Heart, and courage to resist the brainwashings, in order to save our lives and free humanity's future. . .through STANDING with us instead of following direction from those who target us.

I don't want to be left to evil pretenses of helping hands.
I need to be comforted by those who can care to understand.
I don't want to be declared insane for their hateful gain.
I need you to soothe my wounds instead of inflicting more pain.
I don't want you to watch from a silent distance while I die.
I need you here beside me as I pray to God and cry.

P.S. I still stand completely alone in my fight to survive and expose the crimes that are being committed against us. There seems no hope for my family to come around due to the fact that they are long term victims of mind control and some even appear to have been pushed into the program that targets us. I hope other TIs have more success than I have and I hope this info helps to fill their needs. God is here for me, but I hope that someday. . .some human angels are sent my way. I count too. I do!

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See
What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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