~ Weather Modification ~

Mother Nature fills her place
Far better than the human race.

International concerns in the 1970s proves that weather modification technologies do indeed exist. Quote; "Weather modification was addressed by the 'United Nations General Assembly Resolution Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques.' The Convention was signed in Geneva on May 18, 1977."" ~ this quote came from the link below.

Environmental Warfare: Climate Modification Schemes

The Discovery of Global Warming

The effects of weather modification can be good or bad, depending on the intentions of the users and the effects on our atmosphere.

Scientific reports have stated that weather modification technologies can use radio wave frequencies to redirect storms, stall storms, create storms, diminish storms...etc. A variety of scientists have expressed concerns that the use of weather modification technologies may be the true cause of global warming and the unusual changes in weather we have been experiencing. I feel this to be true.

I'm no expert on this subject, but I believe those who are and I feel that the Alstead, NH flood was instigated by weather modification technologies being used to stall a storm above an area where a culvert was plugged. I feel that many (if not all) of the dreams I had, which forewarned of massive floods and fires, were about man made disasters and not "natural disasters." And the worst may be yet to come if criminal use of these technologies are not fully exposed and stopped.


P.S. It appears that laser weapons can also create lightening strikes and trigger earth quakes. The space and ground based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, are extremely dangerous when criminally used. Criminal use of them must be stopped for safety and wellbeing of all of humanity. =================================================================

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See
What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.