~ Microwave and Laser Weapons ~
(Updated on 5/28/2015. As I work on this page I am being heavily targeted and am forced to use an infiltrated computer.
So please bear with me and check back later for more information.)

    I'm no technological expert. But my experiences with being targeted have helped me to realize a few things about the technologies that are being used on me as well as others whom I know. I hope this article inspires you to do your own research, because this is a critical (literally holocaustal) situation, which needs the undivided attention of governments and citizens around the globe.

    Some microwave and laser weapons are classified as "non lethal weapons." There has been much controversy over this being a false classification, due to some of their applications being extremely lethal.
    Some laser technologies are not even classified as weapons, although they can be used as lethal weapons. These have been developed for medical purposes with the intent of effecting brain function or performing laser surgery...etc.
    Around the early 1990s I read a medical report, which described a new technology that would enable laser surgery to be done, through satellites, on a patient in their own home. Oddly I have not been able to find anything like this article on the web, recently.
    There are many scientific reports which show that the medical fields of psychiatry, laser surgery and brain diseases have used radio wave technologies in their treatments and aims to find cures since before the 1970s. Most of the technologies used were obviously invented to help people, but criminal use of them can do as much, of not more, harm than any lethal weapon.
    Criminal use of these sorts of technologies were reported in the 1970s when the MKULTRA program was publicly exposed. But I do not think that MKULTRA was the only program or source of these sorts of crimes, which now appear to be for the purpose of harming, torturing or gaining control over human beings through interfering with or controlling brain function...etc., and no longer just for "experimentation."

    Some reports state that the types of microwave and laser weapons, which are used on Targeted Individuals, are locally operated from nearby buildings or vehicles. Some state that it is being done through cell phones, computers and other technologies being flooded with unusual concentrations of radio waves microwaves. Some state that the beams of radio waves (microwaves) are being directed through satellites and/or through the types of technologies that bounced radio waves off of the ionosphere in order to be redirected to a distant target. Some state that people are being targeted through a network that utilizes things like cell towers. And some cover the crimes and try to make us look crazy for standing up against them.
    Common sense tells me that any technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves can be criminally used. If satellites can direct radio waves to a person's home or computer for internet access, they can also direct them, in more intense frequencies, at a person. Many of my experiences have proven to me that this is indeed happening (VERY remotely) and that it is being done in conjunction with satellite surveillance systems, no matter what other technologies are being used.
    Research can be difficult, because privately owned laser technologies, and their criminal applications, are not going to be publicly advertised. And neither are those that were designed as weapons for secret military use. But I hope you let your Heart give my testimony, and that of other targeted individuals, the benefit of your doubt, because we are being hurt and are in need of people believing us and protecting us from further harm. This could benefit you as well, because criminal use of radio wave technologies can only grow and get worse until it is openly detected and stopped.

    Microwave expert, General Barrie Trower describes Microwave Weapons secretly being developed and used on humanity since the 1950s. He describes them as technologies, which function in the same way as the Russian SURA and the American HAARP, which bounce radio waves off of a layer of the earth’s atmosphere, in order to redirect them to their target. It is reported that there are at least six of these types of technologies scattered around the world. And there are probably many other types as well.
    On the subject of their use on humanity General Trower says that a person or country can be beamed/targeted from as far away as the opposite side of the world. . .and "By changing the pulse frequency... of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain. . . you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illnesses." and "Its very easy these days to radiate them and have them wind up in a jail or in a psychiatric hospital." and "You can beam people. . .to give them cancer, breast cancer, neurological illnesses. You can chose what you want them to get. . .the speed that you want them to become ill."

    In 1976 Time Magazine wrote, "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. Embassy..." Many employees of that embassy were reported to have become terminally ill with things like leukemia, which was attributed to the microwaves.

    There are many different ways that radio waves can be used to effect the functionality of the human brain, organs, muscles, tendons and nervous system. Their use on heavily Targeted Individuals includes physical harassment or torture, psychological harassment or torture and mind control.
    Many victims seem unaware, especially of the mind control - brainwashing part, which is less obvious. But many report experiencing “electronic harassment” and “V2K” - the military term for “Voice to Skull” transmissions of sound. And sadly, most victims are not believed by loved ones and professionals who are not aware of the existence of these weapons or their use to experiment on, control, harass, torture or inconspicuously murder Targeted Individuals.
    Symptoms can vary, depending on how a person is being targeted, and are difficult to list, because beams of radio waves shot into various parts of the brain or body can create a large variety of false symptoms or actual illnesses and injuries.

    A painful result of inconspicuous microwave and laser weapon attacks surrounds the doubt of our testimonies. Some victims have been being falsely diagnosed as “mentally ill” - with things like paranoid schizophrenia, hypochondria...etc. The psychological and physical tortures, which are happening to us need to be exposed and stopped - victims need to be protected from further harm and given the opportunity to understand what has happened to them so that they can recover.
    Many may question how we can know if our pain is natural or technologically induced. Heavily targeted victims - those of us who also experience covert harassment (gang stalking) are sometimes taunted by our abusers, who actually let us know what they are doing, in the form of covert threats before the attacks happen. We KNOW that we are being attacked, with microwave and laser weapons, and we need you to at least give us the benefit of your understandable doubt unless it is proven to not be true, through honest medical testing for cell structure damage...etc., and radio wave detection technologies. . .and NOT through the harmful pharmaceuticals, which have been pushed upon heavily Targeted Individuals, in order to determine if the symptoms are from “mental illness” or not. The medicating can not result in an accurate determination, because those who target us can just back off as soon as the drugs and "mental illness" labels have been applied. The psychiatric drugs actually aid the mind control part of the targeting. The whole process of falsely labeling and medicating victims appears to be part of the targeting process.
    There are technologies, which can detect or block microwave weapon intrusions. But possession of the blockers is illegal in most countries. And I have read a professional report, which stated concern about new detection technologies possibly having a filter built into them, which prevents detection of the low frequencies, which are used for the mind control part of the targeting.

    Criminal use of microwave and laser weapons is probably the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face and stop. Scientists have expressed a concern that the type of microwave weapons, which bounce radio waves off of the ionosphere, in order to redirect them to their target, are the true cause of "global warming." The damage they can inflict on human beings ranges from brainwashings and psychological torment to physical injury, illness or death. When linked with covert psychological harassment (gang stalking) it becomes even more lethal to the Targeted Individual.

    Among other names and applications of the technologies, which are used to target us, are; Psychological Warfare, Psychotronic Weapons, V2K, laser weapons, Microwave Weapons, Behavior Modification Technologies, Synthetic Telepathy, Acoustic psycho-correction, Satellite Terrorism, Remote Neural Monitoring, Voice of god Weapon, Radio Frequency Weapons, Bio-communications technologies, Radio Wave Mind Control, Electroenergetics, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy Weapons, Brain Warfare, Geophysical weapons, Mind Machine, Psychological Language Machine, Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon, Embryonic Holography, Optogenetics, Electromagnetic Stalking, Bio-communications Technologies, Radio Wave Mind Control, Microwave Mind Control, Bio-Electromagnetic Technologies, Bio-energetics, Electromagnetic (EMR) mind control, Electroenergetics, Geophysical Weapons, Psychoneurological Weapons, M.I.N.D. - Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator, Psychic Warfare, Acoustic Heterodyne...etc.

Experiments Into Remote Mind Control Technology by Jim Keith

The Russian Woodpecker: experiments in global mind control? by Philip Coppens

Experiments Into Remote Mind Control Technology by Jim Keith:

Mind Control Experiment Evidence by Cheryl Welsh:

Mind Control by Anna Keeler:

Tim Rifat - A History of Mind Control

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light
of Mind Invasive Technology" by British Psychoanalyst, Carole Smith;

Komsomolskaya Pravda - Russian mind Control

Here are a few examples of my experiences
with various types of weapon attacks.

    Through most of every single day I experience microwave weapon attacks, which range from general microwaving, which produces a steady ring in my ears, physical fatigue and mental numbness...etc.,. . .to torturous intense pain. Sometimes I experience sharp pains shooting into various parts of my body, mostly my head. The sudden inflictions of intense pain happen when I have had no physical injury and obviously take place at times when I am being punished or threatened by those who target me. Due to the timing of the most severe attacks, and the threats that surround them since 2005, they appear to be to torture/punish me for not remaining silent about the targeting.
    I have been writing more detailed experiences in my "Targeted in America" book, but this has been a slow torturous process. Below are just a few examples of the various types of experiences I’ve had with microwave and laser weapon attacks.

    I have experienced sudden flashes of heat in my whole body or head, legs and feet, which did not feel natural.

    I have experienced being shot with a weapon that inflicted nearly unbearable pain in my heart along with a strange intense fast vibration type of feeling in my whole upper body. This took a few days to recover from and appeared to be inflicted with a hand held weapon on June of 2013 as I distributed the third issue of my "Heart Bud" paper, which exposes the targeting.

    I believe that my mother's leukemia was inflicted with microwaves; that my step mother's COPD and death was inflicted with micrpowaves; that at least two people, whom I knew, were given lethal heart attacks through microwave weapons; that a friend was in two nearly fatal "accidents" due to microwave weapon attacks; that two others were driven to murder and suicide with microwave weapon attacks; and that my little brother died due to either a weapon or drug attack that rendered him unconcious while driving over a river bank on a four wheeler...etc.

    I have experienced rounds of microwaving that effects my lungs in ways that produce massive accumulations of fluid or shortness of breath. These attacks do not feel like natural illness and have been used in ways that sent me a message like "see what I can do to you if you don’t stop writing about this."

    I have experienced and witnessed microwaves being used to effect the pigment of a person’s skin or for inducing the growth of brown patches or mole types of formations.

    I have experienced rounds of a form of microwaving that is radiant - it slowly comes on and causes pain in my head and forms a knot on the back right side of my head (at the base of my scull). This almost always happens the same way and in the same place. The intensity of pain is always medium to severe. It always comes on slowly and leaves slowly.

    I have periodically experienced and witnessed sudden unexplainable injuries to my foot, hands, fingers, knee, arms, back and head. The limb and back injuries seem to happen mostly as a way to prevent me from working - to sabotage my jobs.

    I have experienced many rounds of being shot with a laser weapon which induces heart attack symptoms and is usually surrounded by threats to give me a heart attack.

    I have experienced many rounds of being shot with a laser weapon in ways that effects my digestive and elimination system at strategic times.

    I have experienced laser weapon attacks to my left knee, as well as my eyes and other parts of my body, while being issued covert threats to physically disable me.

    I often experience rounds of attacks, which effect my brain function, inducing mental fatigue, odd bouts of memory loss and uncharacteristic moon swings - mind control. Sometimes my brain is lasered in a way that induces extreme anger or anxiety, which is not true to my natural character. I have read reports, which state that laser shots to a particular part of a male brain can induce sexual violence and I believe that this was happening to my husband, just before I aimed to divorced him in the early 1990s.

    I have experienced a sudden intense heat flash in my head, which was accompanied by extreme pain. The heat was almost as intense as the pain.This was an obvious laser weapon attack. Whether the weapon was actually hand held or coming from afar is undeterminable, although a vehicle had parked near me just before this happened. Since I figured out that these attacks can come from as far away as satellites, those who target me appear to be trying to make me think I am wrong through shifting attacks to times when a vehicle pulls near me...etc.

    Sometimes the weapons seem to be used just to harass or violate me. In the 1970s and 1980s I used to get a persistent tickle in my nose literally EVERY time I did the dishes. I'd got my hands in the suds and my nose would suddenly start itching. This used to baffle me. Why on earth would my nose start to tickle every time I do dishes? I now believe that it was being done with a laser weapon, because it also happened at other strategic times, like when I dined with people...etc. This is a typical pattern in the “electronic harassment” part of the targeting. I also often experience a persistent tickle or itch in my anus and vaginal areas, which feels unnatural and like sexual abuse inflicted with a laser weapon.

    I have experienced being inflicted with sudden painful burns/blistering of my skin for no apparent reason. I have also experienced sudden unexplainable little cuts on my skin, like paper cuts, although it could not have been caused by that. This happened two times while I was driving and had my hands on the steering wheel of my car. . .and there was no way that I could have cut myself on anything. They just suddenly appeared and started bleeding. Both cuts were of the exact same length and depth.

    I have experienced episodes of small stinging sensations on my head or back, as if a bug is biting me, although there are no bugs. One example of this is when I met a new possible friend for lunch (in 2006) and it felt like something kept stinging my head - like a bee. This was the only time this has ever happened and it now seems like it was a form of torture during the whole conversation, which was to prevent me from befriending this woman.

    I believe that my dog was being targeted in the 1990s. She suddenly died of a strange and medically unexplainable infliction to one of her organs. The veterinarian had said that her spline had twisted and there is no medical explanation for such a thing.

    In 2006 I experienced a heavy period of microwaving, which I believe was the sole cause of Lupus.

    I understand that natural ailments and injuries do happen. But they do not only happen at strategic times and without obvious cause, as laser and microwave weapon attacks do. I can often sense if a sensation in my body is natural or something else.Those who target me seem to WANT me to know that they are doing this to me, because they sometimes send cryptic messages that let me know what they are going to do next. Some of this process appears to be to push me toward being discredited - labeled as “mentally ill.”

    I feel that the mind control and pharmaceutical/psychiatry parts of the targeting are the most dangerous, because it interferes with our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. When we are not allowed to retain our own natural process of thinking and feeling we can not grow and evolve into all that we were meant to be. For years now, my soul has been crying STOP - PLEASE STOP! But I am still being targeted. And many people, whom I know and love, are still being targeted. . .some are being as physically and psychologically tortured as me. Our pain and suffering is immense. We are in desperate need of protection from further harm.

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and
cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over
that by the good" ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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